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Wayne Munson, portrayed by Joel Stoffer, is a minor character in the fourth season of Stranger Things. He is the uncle of Eddie Munson.



Wayne has a Southern accent, suggesting that he is not from Hawkins, Indiana originally. However, he states in Vecna's Curse that when he was a child, everyone knew the story of Hawkins' Victor Creel.


On March 21st, 1986, Wayne was interviewed by Nancy Wheeler on the death of Chrissy Cunningham, who was found dead in his trailer. He told Nancy that he doesn't think that it was Eddie that murdered Chrissy, but he believes that Victor Creel was responsible.

A few days later, he was visited by Sam Owens' agents who proceed to examine his house and find an oozing crack on the ceiling where Chrissy had died. Wayne is asked to relocate by Agent Stinson after they recognize symptoms of a gate.

After Eddie died and the "earthquakes" hit Hawkins, Dustin Henderson approached Wayne while Wayne was replacing a missing person poster of Eddie that had been defaced with satanic imagery. At this point, Wayne believed Eddie to be alive and was actively searching for him. Dustin broke the news to Wayne that he and Eddie were together "when the earthquake hit," as the general public believed Hawkins was hit with a freak wave of tectonic activity. Dustin gifted Wayne with Eddie's guitar pick necklace and told him he was sorry, alluding to the fact that Eddie was dead. Wayne sat in disbelief and sadness as Dustin told him about how courageous and loveable his nephew Eddie was. Dustin confirmed Eddie's innocence to Wayne and called him a hero while Wayne wept.


Based on his interactions with Nancy Wheeler and Dustin Henderson, Wayne appears to be a gruff, slightly brusque man who cares deeply for his nephew Eddie Munson. He is strongly affected by the news of Eddie's death.

He dislikes gossip and seems to value truth, especially when it comes to clearing his nephew's name.


Little is known of their dynamic. Despite his unruliness, Wayne does not believe Eddie was capable of any of the killings and believes that his nephew is a good kid. He knows people think Eddie is a freak, but cares deeply for his nephew and states it is not in Eddie's nature to commit murder. While Eddie is above the age of 18, it is presumed that Wayne had been Eddie's legal guardian. Eddie states his uncle works long hours at "the plant" in order to provide for their meager household, but does not specify the nature of this job.


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Behind the scenes

His character was first revealed on IMDb.



  • It has yet to be revealed if Wayne is Eddie's maternal or paternal uncle, or an in-law.