Uta Briesewitz is a German cinematographer and television director. She directed chapters Five and Six from the third season of Stranger Things.


Briesewitz was born in Leverkusen, Germany. She was exposed to film at an early age, watching them on German television, eventually cultivating a preference for French Nouvelle Vague and Italian cinema.[2] In an interview, she recounted that Francois Truffaut's Day for Night, The Story of Adele H and The Man Who Loved Women, were some of the films that made strong impressions on her as a child.[3] Later, Briesewitz considered training to be a painter, but decided it was too isolated as a career.[2]

She had an internship with a German television company, before she applied and completed a cinematography program at AFI Conservatory.[3]

In 2007 she won a Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards in the category Kodak Vision award.



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  • Briesewitz is the first female to direct more than one episode of Stranger Things.
  • Briesewitz has also directed episodes for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.


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