******* ok so before I put my theory below i would just like to say this is all my opinion into what i think could happen and it is my opinion and if you have any questions please let me know so i can do my best to answer them I don't know if this happens in the show or is true its all based off facts and small details that I notice and connect the dots to so read at you own risk i'm not sure if i'm right or not so yeah ************ ( this one ist really a theory but more of like questions and if you think about it )

- If you think about there was no trace of the Mindflayer before el at least that we know of.

- Why does El and the demogorgan have similar powers?

~ I think its because some how there connected in a weird way. [ im not saying el is evil she is anything but ]

- Will we ever find out about the other test subjects? [1,2,4,5,7,10]

~ Yes, I think that we will see them in flashbacks or maybe they will come and find El or shell find them.

- What is it with people dying if there name starts will a B ? [ Benny, Barb, Bob, Billy. { I know other people have died but what is it with the B's?} ]

~ Why must they kill them :(

- Random but did anyone else notice that the name Adam keeps coming up? no just me ok. [ex. Adam a cop from season two,a little boy in season three]

~ just a thought

- How did the Russians get the Demogorgan?

~ They have to have a gate its just not in hawkins probably in russia how its alive after season two im not sure but i assume they took it from hawkins gate as seeing the cage that Erika found

- Will we ever see Kali again?

~ I believe so

- Will,will get to play DnD ?

~ hopefully

I hope ya'll enjoyed this and if you have any questions please ask and ill see what i can find out if i don't know and once again all my opinion and what i believe could happen

Have a nice day!!!!!

- Mack

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