So lately I've been watching Stranger things 2. Which said more about the origin of the Powers which El possessed

Actually Dr Brenner was planning on giving Powers to Terri which was the Wife of Brenner and mother of El. As the experiment passed on and Terri showed no improvement ( ❗Said in the series❗) In her conditions. The Experiment Terri passed on was by the intake Of drugs which contain major Chemicals. Then Dr Brenner found the reason of failing the experiments on Terri. Which was at the time of the experiment Terri was pregnant. Then Doctor Brenner thought that the baby which was El was the results of his experiment ( ❗His thought was Correct❗ ) then he abduct the child at birth then Terri came to Lab and asking for her child and then she fails and become 🤯Mad

After that Dr Brenner raises El in the Hawkins lab by giving training and teaching El to use her powers. Then she uses her powers to teleport which she does and goes to ☠️UPSIDE DOWN☠️. Then after her meet with Demogorgan and by opening of the gate She get scared and she ran away from the lab and then to Mike's home then the Season 1 Occurs........

My theory goes like this the experiment Terri passed on was by the intake of several drugs..

As we can see from season 3. Mind flayer made his slaves ( Falyed People) eat Chemicals Before they become the part of Mind flayer. Mind flayer made sure of that. As we can see Mrs Dolores the old lady called Jonathan and Nancy about the loss of Fertilizer and to investigate about it

Before becoming a part of Mind flayer she ate a lot of Fertilizer.

As we can see El's power is made upon chemicals ( Venom) ❗above mentioned ❗

So I think the consumption of chemicals by the slaves of Mind Flayer was for a reason.

After the consumption of chemicals these people get splashed and become the physical body of Mind flayer.

So the Mind Flayer is highly on these Chemicals and Become as an Anti-Venom against El

At the battle in Hopper's Cabin Mind flayer bite El's leg which I say injected the anti-venom on El

Then the Chemicals (Venom) on El's body which gave her powers React with the anti-venom on Mind flayer.

Venom × Anti-venom

Anti-venom wins 🏆💪

Hence resulted in the loss of power which El had and she become powerless 😔🙁😣

By - __enlightened_old_monk_

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