So, I have heard about Stranger Things since maybe about two years ago which mean some times in 2017 but I have never understand any pieces of it but I knew it was kind of TV show but also I never had a thought that it was one of the Netflix's show.

Anyway in summary I'd like to thank Lulu Wilson (what? who? yes, the Annabelle Creation actress) for keep saying that she loves Stranger Things and she said it is a good show. Then, it was the reason why later on I started my curiousity upon it and tried to figure out about the show.

As a result, now I have binged all 25 episodes from S01 to S03 just in about ten days since July 5, 2019. It's crazy, huh? Well, I am now crazy about Stranger Things. Heck yeah!

Actually my favorite character so far is Eleven but because many people (fans) mostly mentioning El as their fave, so I might say Max and Nancy are my favorite characters as well. The next is Steve, Mike, Joyce, and Bob.

So far now I can say that Stranger Things is absolutely number one recommended TV show these days. Duffer Brothers are such a geniuses duo for making this cool story about groups of mostly young people that NOT STUPID yet very smart and brave kids and also loving adults who love these kids.

I love Stranger Things. Bravo to everyone who involves on this brilliant show!

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