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  • I live in India
  • My occupation is Medical Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio Malec is Love!
    Malec is Life!

    I love watching Shadowhunters. My favourites are Malec(Magnus+Alec), Izzy and Simon(after S02.

    Reach me on discord(Reverb Frost #5170), wattpad(ReverbFrost).

    ==FANDOM Work==

    A Global Discussion Moderator and a Community Councillor.

    Admin on
    1) 13 Reasons Why wiki.
    2) Pottermore wiki.
    3) Hot wheels battle force 5 wiki.
    4) Pearson wiki.
    5) The secret wiki.
    6) Stranger Things wiki.
    7) One Direction wiki.
    8) The Maze Runner wiki.
    9) India wiki.

    Discussion Moderator on
    1) Arrowverse wiki.
    2) FRIENDS wiki.
    3) Clash of clans wiki.
    4) One direction wiki.
    5) 13 Reasons why wiki.
    6) Riverdale wiki.
    7) Suits wiki.
    8) Sherlock wiki.
    9) Assassins creed wiki.
    10) YouTube wiki. (Wikitubia)
    11) Stranger Things wiki.
    12) Game of thrones wiki.
    13) Harry Potter wiki.

    GDM assignments:
    1) Assassin's creed wiki. (Done)
    2) One Direction wiki. (Done)
    3) Riverdale wiki. (Done)
    4) Stranger things wiki. (Done)
    5) Dinosaur wiki.(Done)
    6) Red Dead wiki. (Done)
    7) Power Rangers wiki. (Done)
    8) Hunger games wiki. (Done)
    9) Game of thrones wiki. Done)
    10) PUBG wiki. (Done)
    11) Fortnite wiki.(Done)
    12) Divergent wiki. (Done)
    13) Batman wiki. (Done)
    14) Percy Jackson the Olympian wiki. (Unofficial)(Done)
    15) Disney wiki. (Done)
    16) Harry Potter : Wizards Unite wiki. (Done)
    17) Spiderman wiki. (Done)
    18) Throne of Glass wiki. (Done)
    19) The Bourne wiki. (In progress)
    20) The Outer Worlds wiki. (In progress)

    Reach out to FANDOM staff:
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Reverb frost
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Good day! I'm Reverb frost, a user on Pride-smol.svg FANDOM since December 2015. I am an Administrator, a Global Discussion Moderator and a member of the Community Council.

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Hello there. I am Reverb frost, a Global Discussion ModeratorGDM.svg and a Community CouncillorCouncil-icon-FANDOM.svg. If you see this message then I was here to clear some spamming on Discussion board or this wiki was a GDM assignment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my wall.

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