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Anthony "Troy" Walsh[1], portrayed by Peyton Wich, is a recurring antagonist in the first season of Stranger Things. He is the best friend of James Dante, and together they often bully the Party.



Anthony Walsh was born in 1969 to Mr. and Mrs. Walsh, and presumably was raised in Hawkins, Indiana for most of his life. At some point, he became best friends with James Dante. Together, they bullied Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Will Byers since at least the fall of 1980[2], primarily about their appearance, cleidocranial dysplasia, race, and supposed sexuality respectively.


On the day after the disappearance of Will Byers, Mike Wheeler,Lucas Sinclair, and Dustin Henderson encountered Troy and James in the front of their school. Troy joked about which one of them would make more money in a freak show.

A few days later, Troy and James approached the other boys again. They joked about Will's disappearance, and Troy said that Will was dead. Mike tried to walk away, but Troy tripped him, causing him to hit his chin off of a rock. He and James then left.

After the discovery of a body believed to be Will's, Troy attended a memorial assembly in his honor. He and James whispered that the assembly was pointless. Mike confronted Troy about his actions, but Troy brushed him off and called Will homophobic slurs. He started to walk away with James, but Mike pushed him down. Troy stood up to hit Mike back but suddenly froze in the middle of the court. He then urinated on himself, causing the rest of the students to laugh and James to abandon him. Unknown to Troy, this was caused by Eleven's powers.

Troy was driven mad by this unexplainable event, and he and James tracked down Mike and Dustin in the forest to get revenge, the former carrying a switchblade with him. When they found them, Mike and Dustin attempted to run away, but the pair chased after them. Troy and James managed to trap Dustin and Mike at Sattler’s Quarry. Dustin tried to hit Troy with a stick, but Troy grabbed him and held him at knifepoint. Troy demanded to know how Mike made him freeze and urinate himself, thinking he had used something scientific on him. Dustin told Troy the full truth, but Troy did not believe him. He then stated that he would cut out Dustin's teeth unless Mike jumped off of the quarry. Troy counted down from five, and when he reached one, Mike jumped.

Troy and the others ran to the edge of the quarry to find that Mike was somehow floating above the water below. Mike then floated back up to the top of the quarry and landed on the ground. Suddenly, Eleven emerged, revealing herself to be the one causing Mike to levitate. She knocked James to the ground and broke Troy's arm. Troy cried out in pain and ran away with his friend.

Troy and his mother went to Hawkins Police Station to report an altered version of the events that happened earlier. His mother was very angry with the way the police were handling their story. Chief Jim Hopper asked officers Powell and Callahan to take a statement, so they asked for details about what happened. When Troy described Eleven's appearance, Hopper seemed interested. Hopper asked for more information, and Troy explained Eleven's telekinetic powers and that he always saw her around Mike, Lucas, and Dustin.


A year later, in October of 1984, bully Troy deals with nightmares from El snapping his arm. His parents have become impatient with their son waking up at night screaming, and telling him it was all in his head. His only real "friend" is James, but Troy usually bosses him around and pushes him away. His bullying reputation has also subsided significantly, as the Party is not afraid of him anymore, and most of his peers have labeled Troy "Pee Boy" after publicly urinating himself in front of the whole school.

On Halloween after school, Troy attempts to slash the Party's bike tires with a rock, but James intervenes, causing a fight. Troy's father soon pulls up in his car and tells James to kick Troy's ass, but James backs down and walks away. While giving Troy a ride home, Mr. Walsh tells him not to back down ever again and to take on a fight, since he never backs down or apologizes for his actions at work. Troy reluctantly agrees.

Later, Troy is at James's doorstep, explaining to him that is was the Party's fault for the weird altercations that happened between them and the mysterious girl last year, though James remains skeptical. Troy however has a plan by scaring them with masks that evening.

That evening, Troy and James attempt to hunt the Party and find Will, but they are soon intervened by three teenagers who spook Will, and soon chase after Troy for being "Pee Boy". Troy bumps into Mike, who's looking for Will, but Troy punches him into a bush as they hide from the teenagers. Troy and James attempt to beat Mike up, but he threatens to bring back Eleven (or "my friend", as Mike refers to). One of the teens finds them and causes the three to run in separate directions.

The next morning, the boys ask Mr. Clarke about telekinesis, who says it's highly illogical without proving it, leaving the two to conclude that Mike is merely bluffing and the girl just had some sort of trick. As they bike out of the school, they stop and see El herself walking out of the school. They soon follow her to the woods but are scared off by her when El uses her powers to rustle the leaves around them.

That evening, the boys soon stumble upon a rotting pumpkin patch and come across what they initially mistake as a squirrel. As Troy throws a rock and hits the creature, the boys walk up to it and discover not only is it some sort of creature, more of them begin to swarm around the two. The creatures however scurry into the woods, causing Troy to scream out that it's still the boys doing some sort of trick. The boys begin to argue, with Troy calling James "useless", causing James to leave and Troy to run off.

Later at the Walsh home, Troy overhears his father drunkenly yells on the phone about his job at stake due to his attitude. His father soon waltzes into Troy's bedroom and asks what the situation is between him and James. Troy says James is a coward and he ditched him, and Mr. Walsh praises his son, saying he has nothing to be sorry about and that he can't count on losers.

The next night, Troy arrives at James's house with a rake, saying this will be their last chance to prove their worth, but James tells Troy he's not going to put up with his attitude anymore if he continues on with it, and soon grabs a shovel to join alongside Troy.

In the woods, the boys soon hear rustling and discover Demodogs charging at them. James knocks one of them out with a shovel and the two begin to run. Troy trips and notices uncooked bits of meat strewn on the ground as James helps him. The two continue running and hide under a log as the dogs eat the meat, but are soon discovered by one of them. As they sprint onto the train tracks, James trips, but Troy hesitates and hides behind a tree despite James' pleas. The Demodogs sprint past James and see an unknown figure at the junkyard fighting them off. James sees the Party is in trouble and says teaming up would help them, but Troy runs off, only for the two to be once again swarmed by the dogs. The creatures soon run off without any explanation. As the boys walk home, Troy says they must tell someone, but James, upset that Troy didn't help him when he was in need, leaves abruptly.

Troy comes home to find his parents arguing that Mr. Walsh has been fired from his job due to his attitude and his refusal to apologize. When he discovers his son eavesdropping, Mr. Walsh brings him to his room and tells him the family is moving out of Hawkins. The next morning, Troy arrives at James' house and, with tears in his eyes, says, "I'm sorry."

By around December, the Walsh's have moved out and are driving out of Hawkins. James, shoveling his driveaway, waves one last time at Troy, who waves back with a smile as the car drives off.[3]


Troy appears to enjoy tormenting and bullying other people, especially Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson and Will Byers. He did not appear to be a very remorseful person, revealed by his countless remarks about Will's disappearance and fake death. He displays a strong desire for vengeance, going as far as threatening to cut out Dustin's baby teeth and forcing Mike to jump off of a cliff.

Skills & Abilities

  • Manipulation: Troy and James confront Lucas, Mike, and Dustin, who they referred to as "Midnight", "Frogface", and "Toothless," respectively, and joked which of the three would make more money in a freakshow, which James chose Dustin, who then had to once again explain his cleidocranial dysplasia which caused his lack of baby teeth; the two then forced Dustin to flex his arms forward due to his dysplasia, which disgusted Troy and James as they laughed and walked off. At the assembly was being held for Will, as everyone believed he was dead, Troy and James cruelly made fun of his death, which caught the attention of Mike and Eleven. Mike confronted Troy in front of everyone in the gym, and Troy and James say they were laughing because grief shows itself in funny ways, and that Will was in fairyland now with all the other fairies, all happy and gay.
  • Brute Strength: Troy and James confronted Mike, Dustin, and Lucas at a playground, where Troy laughed and said that his father said that Will was dead and that he was killed by another queer. Mike tried walking away, but Troy tripped him, which resulted in Mike cutting his chin. Troy and James high fived each other and walked away.
  • Switchblade Skills: Troy and James had tracked Mike and Dustin to the woods near Hawkins, where Troy pulled out a switchblade and he and James chased after them. They eventually caught them at the quarry where Troy held Dustin at knifepoint, demanding to know how they made Troy pee himself; yet he didn't believe that their friend Eleven caused it with her mind. Troy then decided it was Mike's turn to wet himself by jumping into the quarry and killing himself, or else he would cut out Dustin's teeth.



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Memorable Quotes

  • "Step right up, ladies and gentlemen. Step right up and get your tickets for the freak show."
  • "She broke my arm! My arm!"
  • ”You’re dead, Wheeler! DEAD!”


  • In the Hawkins Middle School Yearbook, his last name is revealed to be Walsh. It is additionally stated that his favorite subject is recess and when he is not studying he's "on his best behavior."
  • In "MADMAX", Officer Callahan mentions Troy as Eleven used her powers to make Troy pee his pants. However, Chief Hopper dismisses the incident as a prank, meaning that Hopper likely covered up the incident.
  • Troy's name could be a reference to the 1985 film, The Goonies, where one of the characters, Brandon Walsh, is bullied by a classmate, named Troy.