Tommy Hagan is a recurring character in the first and second seasons. He is a student at Hawkins High School. Tommy is Carol Perkins's boyfriend and Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler's enemy and a former friend.



Tommy was a student at Hawkins High. He dated Carol Perkins, and was a friend of Steve Harrington and Nicole. According to classmate Barbara Holland, Carol and Tommy had been "having sex since, like, seventh grade".


On November 8, 1983, Carol and Tommy went to a pool party at Steve's house, being with Steve himself, his new girlfriend Nancy Wheeler, and Barbara Holland, Nancy's best friend.

The same group of teens - minus Barb, who had mysteriously vanished - hung out together at school in the days after the party. Nancy, however, became concerned about Barb's disappearance, and gradually became less active in the group.

When Jonathan Byers was revealed to have been at the scene of the party, hiding in the foliage and taking photographs, Tommy, Steve and Carol broke his camera and tore up his photographs.

Steve decided to check up on Nancy, as he was worried about her - Tommy and Carol teased him for caring. They drove to the Wheeler house, where Steve got out and climbed up the roof, aiming to enter Nancy's bedroom via the window. Steve saw Nancy and Jonathan together, and mistakenly came to the conclusion that they were sleeping together.

The next day, Steve, Tommy, Carol and Nicole graffiti-ed abusive, obscene slurs against the walls of the Hawk Theater. This led to a fist-fight, with Jonathan beating up Steve. The police came to the scene to arrest them all, but Steve, Tommy, Carol and Nicole escaped.

While outside a petrol station, Steve decided to turn his back on Tommy and Carol, deeming them to be "assholes". After Tommy threatened to fight him, Steve got in his car and drove off to apologize to Nancy and Jonathan.


After the arrival of Billy Hargrove, Tommy quickly becomes friends with him, as Billy outdoes Steve in terms of popularity.

Tommy belittles and ridicules Steve after Nancy has dumped him and is shown laughing maliciously when Steve suddenly becomes aware that Nancy has gone off with Jonathan. In Tina's Halloween Party, he dressed up as Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid.


In 1985, Steve told Robin that Tommy H. would've made fun of Steve or wouldn't be prom king.


Tommy, like his girlfriend, Carol, is shown to be very shallow and mean-spirited, never missing an opportunity to ridicule Steve about his relationship with Nancy, ultimately resulting in Steve falling out with him.

He is particularly nasty to Jonathan Byers, making rude comments about his missing brother Will, speculating that Jonathan may have killed him. There seems to be no redeeming qualities about Tommy, being depicted as a one-dimensional bully. He is shown to be completely indifferent and unsympathetic about the disappearance of Barbara Holland.



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  • In the Hawkins High School Yearbook, his last name is revealed to be Hagan. His favorite subject is they're all equally good for sleeping. His Career Goal is to be a Mayor. He is shown to be the "Class Clown".

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