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"Chapter Six: The Spy" is the fourteenth episode of Stranger Things and the sixth episode of the second season. It was directed by Andrew Stanton and was released on October 27, 2017 along with the rest of the season.


Will's connection to a shadowy evil grows stronger, but no one is quite sure how to stop it. Elsewhere, Dustin and Steve forge an unlikely bond.


A convulsing Will Byers is brought to Hawkins National Laboratory with his mother, Bob Newby, and Mike Wheeler following, where the doctors conclude that he believes he is burning and sedate him. Jim Hopper is power washed with a hose and scrub brushes following his sojourn in the tunnels. Dustin Henderson explains the situation with d'Artagnan to a disbelieving Steve Harrington. Steve arms himself with his nail bat and descends into the storm cellar where Dart is locked, only to find that he has shed his skin again and tunneled out through a wall.


Lab agents enter the Byers household, photographing the drawing-covered walls and Will's drawing of the shadow monster. Joyce explains Will's episode at the school and his "now-memories" to Dr. Owens and a group of scientists, but none of them are able to offer a solution as to what is wrong with him. Jonathan Byers, Nancy Wheeler and Murray Bauman make copies of Owens' confession tape and package them to be sent to several big newspapers. As they celebrate with alcohol, Bauman insists they stay the night in his guest room, and Jonathan asks if he can sleep on the couch to avoid sharing a bed with Nancy. Bauman points out that Nancy and Jonathan have clear romantic chemistry and psychoanalyzes them both easily before going off to bed, satisfied. Later that night, Nancy and Jonathan lay awake in their separate beds, unable to sleep as they contemplate Bauman's words. They meet up and initially dismiss him as drunk and out of line, but quickly kiss and end up having sex.

Chapter Six - The Spy

Erica Sinclair tells Lucas about Dustin's repeated emergency calls. When he calls him back, Dustin tells him to gear up and meet him at the junkyard. Owens clears Hopper to be released from quarantine and shows him the extent to which the gate has grown, having burrowed dozens of feet underground to the point where the lab crew excavated a pit to view it. Owens explains that the gate is responsible for the tunnels and rot spreading. Joyce explains the events of 1983 to Bob, and he again suggests moving away, which she seems more open to. Over breakfast, Bauman teases Nancy and Jonathan with repeated innuendos, and the two leave for Hawkins. Lucas goes to Max Mayfield's house to prove that his story was real and almost encounters Billy Hargrove, but narrowly avoids him and leaves with her.

S2E6-Exist on the same planet

Will awakens but is unable to remember Bob, Owens, and Hopper, and needs a moment to remember Mike's name. He recalls the soldiers burning the tendrils hurt him, and that "they upset him" by doing so, "him" identified as his drawing of the shadow monster. Owens brings in a severed tendril from the tunnels and burns it, which causes Will to have an intense, pained reaction. Owens compares Will's condition to a virus that can possibly be cured and is unable to answer when Joyce asks what happens to Will when he loses all of himself. Steve gives Dustin advice on wooing Max while they throw meat around in hopes of luring Dart. He explains that Dustin should act aloof in her presence and reluctantly explains how he styles his "perfect" hair. They walk by one of Hopper's infected trees. Hopper calls Eleven on his morse code radio and apologizes for their fight.

Ep6-Steve, Dustin, Lucas and Max trapped

The scientists become impatient with Owens, unable to stop the gate's spread by burning because it will kill Will. He contemplates what to do as Joyce tries to meet with him, to no avail. Will stares at a soldier's gun and thinks about being burned, before abruptly telling Mike he knows how to beat the monster.

Jonathan and Nancy return to the Byers house to find it empty and covered in drawings, and they find a polaroid cartridge from the agents. Using his map, reassembled through the pictures taken of it, Will identifies a large, open space that the monster does not want him to see. As the soldiers prep to go underground and are guided by a technician looking at the map, Steve and the kids barricade the abandoned bus in the junkyard and pour a trail of gasoline on the bait meat.

Demodog at the Junkyard

D'Artagnan emerging from the fog

Steve weilding his bat

As Dustin adopts Steve's approach to women around Max, she joins Lucas on the roof. She tells him about her parents' divorce, and how Billy has become more aggressive since moving from California. She worries that her sarcastic nature is her becoming more like him, but Lucas assures her that she is very different from him. Before the moment can progress further, something roars in the fog and Dart emerges. Not taking the bait, Steve realizes he prefers living food and grabs the nail bat, giving Dustin his lighter as he goes to confront it. As he and Dart approach each other, Lucas sees three more juvenile demogorgons appear to Steve's right. He fights off all four of them at once long enough to get inside the bus. Before one can get in through the sunroof, something calls it away, and Lucas and Max realize they have been holding hands.


Jim Hopper hears the screech of a demogorgon

Watching on the cameras, Hopper realizes the soldiers have been sent to the place in the tunnels littered with human and animal remains. The soldiers hear a low growling as fog starts to roll in. A distressed Will apologizes to no one and says that "he made me do it" because "they upset him." Mike has a moment of realization and murmurs "the spy" before running out of the room, desperately trying to get into the control room to warn the soldiers they are walking into a trap. Dozens of signatures start to appear on the radar, all moving towards the soldiers. They are revealed to be juvenile demogorgons, who kill off the soldiers quickly. Hopper checks the radar and realizes that all of the Demodogs are moving down one tunnel. Will tells his mother "You should go now. They're almost here." As Hopper looks over the edge of the pit, a juvenile demogorgon climbs to the edge and roars in challenge.



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  • "Hammer to Fall" by Queen - Steve questions Dustin about Dart as he drives him home, then takes out his nail-bat.
  • "Where Django's At" by Cameron Brooks - Jonathan, Nancy and Murray create an assembly line to copy her recording and send it to various media outlets.
  • "There Is Frost On the Moon" by Artie Shaw and His Orchestra - Murray, Nancy and Jonathan have a drink to celebrate finishing their mailing campaign, then Murray questions Nancy and Jonathan's claim that they are not a couple.
  • "You Better Go Now" by Billie Holiday - Nancy and Jonathan contemplate Murray's words then end up meeting in the living room to express their how they don't believe what Murray said.
  • "Blue Bayou" by Roy Orbinson - Murray cooks breakfast for Nancy and Jonathan, then asks an awkward question on how Jonathan slept.
  • "Round and Round" by Ratt - As Billy pumps iron, he orders Max to answer the door; Max lies to Billy about who was at the door.

Original score[]

  • "It's A Trap" - Will is checked and sedated. Again when Will reveals its a trap as the Demodogs take the soldiers out one by one.
  • "Entering The Cellar" - Steve enters the cellar and finds shedded skin.
  • "The First Lie" - Nancy and Jonathan finally realise their feelings for each other.
  • "Descent into Rift" - Hopper is shown the gate growing underground.
  • "They Hurt Me" - Will is beginning to forget people's names.
  • "Digging" - Dr. Owens explains to Joyce and Hopper what is happening to Will. Again during the end credits.
  • "Lay-Z-Boy" - Steve gives Dustin girl advice whilst setting a trap for Dart.
  • "Walkin in Hawkins" - Lucas and Max meet Dustin and Steve at the junkyard.
  • "Soldiers" - Those at the junkyard set the trap. Soldiers are sent into the tunnels.
  • "On the Bus" - Max explains herself to Lucas
  • "Sick of Cow" - Steve attempts to confront Dart head-on.
  • "Inside The Black Room" - The Demodogs approach the lab.


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  • This is the only episode of the series in which Eleven does not make an appearance.
  • On August 31, 2016, the second season was announced through a trailer published across social media, listing the tentative titles of the nine episodes. The sixth title was "The Pollywog", but since the titles were not in order, it was difficult to determine which belonged to which episode. However, the final title of the first six episodes were revealed on October 9, 2017. The third episode took the "Pollywog" title, with the sixth being called "The Spy", a title which did not appear in the teaser.[1]
  • This is the first episode where Karen Wheeler does not appear, though her voice is heard.


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