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"Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero" is the third episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things and the twenty-eighth episode overall. It premiered on May 27, 2022.


Murray and Joyce fly to Alaska, and El faces serious consequences. Robin and Nancy dig up dirt on Hawkins' demons. Dr. Owens delivers sobering news.



Colonel Sullivan talks to Sam Owens

In their residence in Ruth, Nevada, Sam Owens and his wife Cathy are visited by US Colonel Jack Sullivan who gives them autopsy photos of Chrissy Cunningham's corpse and asks for Owen's opinion on what could have caused the death of the girl. The Colonel states that every incident that has happened in Hawkins can be traced back to Eleven and suggests that she has gone rogue and killed the girl through remote assassination. He points out how Chrissy's body is similar to that of Connie Frazier's corpse. Owen denies this hypothesis, but Sullivan suggests that El is still alive and has been receiving help from the inside, and suspects the mole is Owens himself. After Owens refuses to provide information related to Eleven, Sullivan orders the men to raid his house in search of valuable information and leaves once they have found what they needed. Sensing impending danger, Owens begins to look for El.

California crew are surprised at Murray's arrival

Back in Rink-O-Mania, paramedics arrive and treat Angela's wound while bystanders begin to look fearful of Eleven who has smashed Angela's face in her anger. Will, Mike and Eleven are eventually picked up by Jonathan and Argyle and taken back to the Byers residence, where they are surprised to see that Murray has dropped by to visit Joyce. At the dinner table, the two adults give a cover story, claiming that Joyce has to go to Alaska for a conference, and withholding the truth that Hopper may still be alive. In Jonathan and Argyle's high state, they tell Joyce about what had transpired in Rink-O-Mania without implying that Eleven was the aggressor. A comment from Mike, however, causes Eleven to retreat to her room and into solitude, where she rethinks the moment at Rink-O-Mania as well as fragments of the massacre that happened in 1979.

At Benny's Diner, Lucas awakes to find his teammates beginning to gear up weapons in search of Eddie, hoping to torture him until they get a confession. Despite how disturbing Lucas finds this act, he offers to help and tags along with Jason, Andy and Patrick. Elsewhere in the Upside Down, the entity now classified by the group as Vecna begins to look for his next victim which so happens to be Patrick McKinney, a member of the Hawkins Tigers basketball team. During the ride, Patrick begins to exhibit his first symptom of Vecna's curse, which is his nose bleeding.

The gang arrives at Fred's crime scene

Back at the boathouse, Steve, Dustin, Max and Robin tell Eddie that the police are still searching for him as the prime suspect in Chrissy's murder, but they also tell him that his name has not yet been disclosed to the public. The group plans to kill Vecna and prove his innocence which Eddie at first finds impossible to achieve. The group begins to recount their encounters with the Upside Down and how they relied on Eleven's powers to save the day, which were no longer available. Noticing the police cars and firetruck passing by, the group spots the mutilated corpse of Fred Benson as well as police picking up testimonies from Nancy who eventually spots the gang and goes to join their quest.

Back at the Byers residence, Mike and Will are still processing the aftermath of the Rink-O-Mania incident. Mike eventually talks to Eleven who tells him that she feels she does not belong in society and brings up the way he had looked at her after she smashed Angela's face. The two argue about whether or not they really love each other and El tells Mike that she is no longer the superhero she used to be. A few minutes later, cops arrive and detain El for her aggressive attack; Mike swears that he will find a way to get her back.

Meanwhile, during their flight to Alaska, Joyce feels guilty about having not told the children what they actually intend to do. Murray points out that they would have gotten involved with the search and Joyce reluctantly agrees. Arriving in Alaska, they begin to head for their destination which is Yuri's Fish and Fly.

Dmitri and Hopper talk to each other

In Kamchatka, Russia; Hopper and the other prisoners are forced to work labor fixing rail road tracks. Enzo, whose actual name is Dmitri Antonov, pulls Hopper aside and fakes it as punishment for insulting a prison guard. He delivers news to Hopper that Joyce and Murray are in the process of rescuing him and tells him about the smuggler Yuri Ismaylov and his history of smuggling illegal goods to Russian guards. However, Hopper still doesn't entirely trust this Yuri. Antonov warns him to be on the flight next morning or he will remain trapped in Russia. During lunch, Hopper tells another prisoner to break his leg in exchange for his entire share of food to which the prisoner agrees to commit in order to loosen his foot chains. After the day of work, Hopper arrives at his cell and attempts to remove the chain to which he succeeds.

Gathering near the scene of the latest murder, the group along with Nancy theorizes that whatever killed Chrissy had come from the Upside Down. Nancy questions why Fred and Chrissy were specifically both victims of the curse and then tells the group that Fred had behaved differently once they had reached the trailer park. Max offers information on Chrissy, describing her similar behavior in the school's bathroom. Believing they have a lead, the group proceeds to go to Ms. Kelly's residence while Nancy and Robin investigate the lead that was given to them by Wayne Munson. Meanwhile, the room in which Chrissy was murdered starts to form ooze stains and cracks on the ceiling.

Lucas caught in the act by Jason

While searching for Eddie, Jason and his friends spot other members of the Hellfire Club. When they cannot offer information related to Eddie's whereabouts, Jason begins to beat one of the members with the ladder, and in desperation, one of the boys mentions that Dustin may know of Eddie's location. Satisfied, Jason and his gang set out in search of Dustin and investigate the Henderson residence only to find no one home. Lucas, meanwhile, has formed his own plan and sneaks off to contact Dustin who tells him that they had found Eddie. Lucas is skeptical that Eddie is innocent, but Max tells him to meet them at the school so he can catch up. Jason catches Lucas in the act who fakes searching for clues and claims to have found one leading to Eddie's whereabouts.

In the interrogation room, El refuses to answer why she struck Angela, which prompts the officers to place her in a juvenile detention center. As Eleven is being processed, Mike, Will, and Jonathan plead with the receptionist to allow them to see their friend, but their request is denied due to them not being Eleven's parents or legal guardians, much to everyone's chagrin. When El is driven away to the detention center, Mike runs out into the road and gazes at the retreating vehicle while El tearfully looks back at her boyfriend.

Nancy and Robin go the library

Pursuing a possible lead, Nancy and Robin go to the public library in order to research Victor Creel and his committed murders in 1959. Nervous about her standing with Nancy, Robin attempts to resolve any conflict they had but is told that they have none, although she doesn't completely buy it. Nancy pores through old news related to the scene, only to find no promising clues. Robin eventually finds the Weekly Watcher, a newspaper known for covering conspiracy theories, and successfully finds a story on the supposed culprit Victor Creel. In the article, Creel claimed that his house was being haunted by an ancient demon who was the cause of his family's demise after a failed exorcism. Shortly afterwards, Victor was sent to Pennhurst Asylum and Robin connects the dots, theorizing that his story was bizarre enough to land him in an asylum. The newspaper had never gone public and both Robin and Nancy conclude that the demon was Vecna. Armed with this information, the pair informs Steve, Dustin, and Max that Vecna's first victim dated back to 1959.

At Ms. Kelley's residence, Max is still warry of revealing her trauma surrounding Billy's death and asks if she can look at Chrissy's file. The counselor kindly but firmly refuses, pointing out that her file was private. Frustrated, Max asks to use the bathroom and uses the opportunity to steal Ms. Kelley's office keys. Sneaking out, Max joins the others in the car, and they leave, driving to the high school. It is dark when they arrive, and they break in, searching the counselor's office in order to find Chrissy's file. Dustin contacts Nancy and Robin who have just finished up their investigation in the library and urges them to come immediately.

Owens and El converse

Along the desert highway, El is in the process of being taken to the detention hall when she notices that several black SUVs are in pursuit of them. They stop the vehicle and inform the driver that the girl belongs in their custody now. Panicked and believing that she was going to be taken away again, El attempts to run away but is held back by several agents. At this moment, she sees Dr. Owens from afar, the man having stepped out of one of the black SUVs as he greets Eleven. Together, they go to a diner where Owens explains that he had moved Eleven and the Byers family to Lenora as it was a small and safe town, far away from the horrors and mysteries of Hawkins. Owens admits that his true reason for finding Eleven is to help her regain her powers. He suggests that there is a chance of them returning stronger than ever and explains that it is crucial she be prepared to fight, as there is a war brimming in Hawkins, one in which her friends are at the center of. Knowing that a faction of the military is after Eleven, Owens has all his people prepare the NINA project, who believe that she is the cure to ending the curse on Hawkins while others believe that she is the cause of it all. Owens warns her that her presence in Hawkins could jeopardize the lives of her friends and family. But even so, he gives her the opportunity to decide for herself whether she will join him, reminding her of the possible chance that she might never see her friends again or return to the Byers. Eleven chooses to come with Owens, hoping to regain her powers.

Back at the Byers residence, Will, Mike, and Jonathan work to bring Eleven home from the detention hall only to be met by the three agents from before. The agents inform them that they must stay in their house until Eleven's training is complete, and one of them hands a letter from Eleven to Mike. Inside, she writes that she has gone to become a superhero again.

Max sees the grandfather clock.

At the school, Max, Dustin and Steve successfully infiltrate the counselor's office and they read Chrissy's file as well as Fred's who had apparently met with Ms. Kelley as well. Elsewhere, Lucas leads Jason and his group to Hopper's Cabin where he falsely announces Eddie to be hiding. Jason intends to ambush Eddie from both sides, but he and his friends search the house only to find it empty. They move to the back of the cabin, and Lucas uses the opportunity to sneak out and meet Max and the others at the school after realizing he was on the wrong side. After reading both files carefully, Max discovers that Chrissy and Fred had both experienced headaches, nosebleeds, constant nightmares, and past trauma, something that Max has also suffered from for the past five days. After Max comes to this chilling revelation, Vecna starts to beckon her, and Max is lead away by the distorted chimes of a grandfather clock.


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  • "In Transit to Bermuda" by Dorian Zero - In the Pizzamobile, Argyle and the gang on their way home after Rinko mania.
  • "Rigoletto, Act III: V'ho ingannato... Colpevole fui" by Giuseppe Verdi - Kids arrive home as Murray is making Risotto.
  • "Che gelida manina" by Giacomo Puccini and Erich Leinsdorf - Murray cooks risotto in the kitchen.
  • "Guardian Angel" by Fergus Mac Roy - Dr. Owens and Eleven at the diner.
  • "There's a Storm Coming" by Dance With the Dead - At the end.

Original score

  • "Ruth, Nevada" - The military arrives at Owens' home.
  • "Brenner's Little Pet" - Sullivan interrogates Owens while the military searches his house.
  • "Welcome to Kamchatka" - Hopper works on the railroad in Kamchatka.
  • "A War is coming to Hawkins" - Owens asks Eleven to help; Lucas leaves Jason