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This article is about the episode. For the creature, see The Demogorgon.
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"Chapter Six: The Monster" is the sixth episode of Stranger Things and the sixth episode of the first season. It was written by Jessie Nickson-Lopez and directed by the Duffer Brothers. It premiered on Netflix on July 15, 2016 along with the rest of the season.


A frantic Jonathan looks for Nancy in the darkness, but Steve's looking for her, too. Hopper and Joyce uncover the truth about the lab's experiments.



Trapped in the Upside Down with the Demogorgon, Nancy Wheeler barely escapes by following Jonathan Byers' voice to a nearby gate and being pulled through it by him, the two watching in horror as the gate seals itself up. Concerned about Nancy's strange behavior from earlier, Steve Harrington takes Tommy Hagan and Carol Perkins with him to check on her, which they mock him for. He sees Jonathan holding Nancy in her bedroom.

Jonathan Byers S1 E6 5

Jim Hopper recounts to Joyce Byers seeing a child's room in Hawkins National Laboratory. Joyce realizes it was not Will's room when comparing his more detailed drawings to the childlike one Hopper saw on the wall. Hopper recalls accounts of a child being seen with Benny Hammond the night he died and theorizes that it could be Terry Ives' abducted daughter, Jane. A traumatized Nancy asks Jonathan to sleep in her bed with her, not wanting to be alone. Jonathan tries to comfort her by remarking the monster cannot get them in her house, but Nancy responds that "we don't know that." Mike Wheeler tears apart Eleven's blanket fort in rage.

S1E6-El scanning through the store

The next morning, Nancy tells Jonathan they need to save Will and Barb Holland from the Demogorgon. They conclude that it is a predator drawn to blood, and that they can lure it to an advantageous spot and kill it. As Karen Wheeler informs Nancy that breakfast is ready, Jonathan realizes he and Nancy are holding hands before they leave out her window. Connie Frazier visits Scott Clarke under the guise of recruiting children for the "Indiana A.V. Club", getting Mike's, Dustin Henderson's, and Lucas Sinclair's names. Dustin visits Mike in his basement, who is angry at himself for shouting at Eleven and blames Lucas for their predicament. Dustin states that they both broke their group's code and need to reconcile. Lucas will only accept Mike's apology if Eleven is banished from the group, which Mike does not concede to. Lucas decides to find Will on his own. He gears up and leaves as the repairman watches him.

Eleven wanders into a nearby supermarket and has a flashback to Martin Brenner placing her into the "bathtub" to find the Demogorgon. She steals several boxes of Eggos from the store and uses her powers to stop the manager from pursuing her. Joyce and Hopper track down Ives and are shown by her sister Becky that she is catatonic. She explains that Ives was part of the MKUltra project when she was pregnant with Jane, but Ives miscarried her. When Ives was lucid, she insisted that Jane had been born and had "abilities."

While buying hunting supplies, Nancy and Jonathan notice the local theatre has been defaced with graffiti insulting her, and find Steve, Tommy, Carol and Nicole spraying more nearby. Steve dismisses her when she confronts him and provokes Jonathan into a fight. Jonathan defeats Steve, brutally knocking him down and repeatedly punching him in rage. Jonathan is later arrested when he accidentally injures an arriving Phil Callahan.

Ep6-Eleven and Mike

Mike Wheeler comforts Eleven

Unable to get into the lab because of its fenced off perimeter, Lucas climbs a tree and stakes it out with binoculars. Mike and Dustin comes across Troy Walsh and James Dante in the woods while looking for Eleven, who chase them to Sattler Quarry and corner them at the edge of a cliff. Troy orders Mike to jump off it or else he will cut out Dustin's teeth. Mike jumps, but is caught in midair by Eleven's powers, who had heard them looking for her and followed their voices. She lifts Mike back to safety and breaks Troy's arm with her mind, forcing the bullies to flee.

The Monster (episode)

Eleven has a flashback to encountering the Demogorgon in the void, their combined powers accidentally opening the lab's gate and freeing it into the lab. Eleven tearfully admits that she opened the gate, but Mike and Dustin insist that she is their friend and the three embrace. As they return home, the repairman calls in their location and Lucas watches soldiers leave the lab.



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  • "Sunglasses at Night" by Corey Hart - Steve tries to sneak into Nancy's room.
  • "Violin Concerto in E Major BWV 1042: I. Allegro (Bach)" by English Chamber Orchestra & Dmitry Sitkovetsky – Connie Frazer visits Scott Clarke at his home, telling him about a new AV club.
  • "I See the Future" by Andrew Pinching - Karen opens Nancy's bedroom door to find music blaring and the room empty.
  • "Happy José" by Kookie Freeman - Eleven steals Eggos from a grocery store.
  • "Brahm's Lullaby" by Johannes Brahms - Terry's sister tells Joyce and Hopper about Terry's involvement in the MKUltra experiments and her subsequent miscarriage.
  • "The Bargain Store" by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers - Nancy and Jonathan go to the store to buy monster hunting supplies.
  • "Exit" by Tangerine Dream - Steve and Jonathan fight in the alley.

Original score[]

  • "No Weapons" - Jonathan pulls Nancy from the portal.
  • "Speak of the Devil" - Nancy relives the traumatic experience while in the shower. Also, as Nancy and Steve confront each other.
  • "Tribulations" - Mike kicks Eleven's bed in anger.
  • "The Upside Down" - Nancy explains her theory to Jonathan.
  • "Making Contact" - Eleven relives another experience with the sensory-deprivation tank.
  • "Gearing Up" - Lucas prepares for his solo mission.
  • "Leap of Faith" - Mike and Dustin are chased by Troy and James to the quarry.
  • "She'll Kill You" - Eleven saves Mike and Dustin from Troy and James.
  • "Eleven is Gone" - Eleven tearfully reveals that it was she who opened the gate. The three of them share a hug.
  • "Hawkins Lab" - Lucas watches as Brenner and his workers leave the lab. Mike and Dustin take Eleven back to Mike's house.


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