The Hawkins Post is the newspaper printing media for publishing the independent newspaper of Hawkins, Indiana. Sometime, in 1985, Nancy and Jonathan began working at the Post.



Around the summer of 1985, Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers started working at the Post under Chief Editor Tom Holloway. Jonathan worked as the newspaper's photographer while Nancy worked as a journalist. However, all of the journalists were male and they would spend their days belittling and mocking Nancy for being the only female journalist, especially fellow journalist Bruce Lowe.

When Nancy picked up a story about "diseased rats" from Hawkins citizen Doris Driscoll, she presented it to Tom and the other employees, but was laughed at and ordered to not pursue the story.

After being cruelly pranked by Bruce and a few of the employees, Nancy decided to go against her orders and get evidence of the story by visiting Mrs. Driscoll. However, when Nancy, along with Jonathan, arrived at Mrs. Driscoll's home, they discovered the old woman to be consuming fertilizer, similar to that of the rat she caught earlier. Concerned, the teens called 911 and watched as Mrs. Driscoll was taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, around the same time, Tom and his wife Janet were taken to Brimborn Steel Works by their daughter Heather and her co-worker Billy Hargrove. Both Billy and Heather had become possessed by the Mind Flayer earlier and had kidnapped Heather's parents so they can become Flayed as well.

The next day, Nancy and Jonathan were confronted by Tom who was now Flayed and subjugated to the Mind Flayer's control. Tom berated Nancy and Jonathan for disobeying him and through the Mind Flayer's influence, he fired them (mostly to prevent them from further investigating so the Mind Flayer can collect more hosts).

After that, Bruce also ended up Flayed, likely from Tom. When Nancy and Jonathan realized that Mrs. Driscoll was also Flayed, they decided to release her from the hospital so she can lead them and the Party to the Mind Flayer's location. However, Tom and Bruce freed Mrs. Driscoll first and were ordered by the Mind Flayer to kill them. However, both perished at the hands of their two former co-workers, in which they dissolved and formed the Hospital Creature.

It is possible the company had to recover from the loss of their chief editor and another important staff member, and very possibly shut down. It's also possible that other members of the staff were Flayed.


  • The workplace deals with certain social issues, like misogyny, as stated by actress Natalia Dyer.[1]
  • The filming location for the Hawkins Post is located at 6981 Main Street Lithonia, GA. [2]


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