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"Chapter Six: The Dive" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things and the thirty-first episode overall. It premiered on May 27, 2022.


Behind the Iron Curtain, a risky rescue mission gets underway. The California crew seeks help from a hacker. Steve takes one for the team.



After the death of Patrick McKinney, chief Calvin Powell and other officers arrive at the crime scene and interrogate Jason Carver who had seen the supernatural circumstances related to his teammate's demise. Jason relates the story to the officer and comes to the conclusion that Eddie is the vessel for the devil and had obtained its power after a pact. Outside, the police conducts wide search in Lovers Lake for Eddie with a fish seemingly getting mutilated by a vine.

Elsewhere, agent Wallace is continuously tortured by Lt. Colonel Jack Sullivan and his men for information related to Eleven's location. Sullivan reveals his reason for wanting to capture Eleven and trusts that she had gone rogue with Martin Brenner and his associates still looking for ways to cover up the incident and thinks that they will sell her to the Russians despite Wallace laying out the real reasons behind of the murders in Hawkins. However, Sullivan refuses to listen to him and after refusing to cooperate, Wallace is put back for torture.

Inside the facility in Ruth, Nevada, Brenner reveals the reason the cause as to why Eleven lost her powers is that of an stroke which causes the mind to forget how to do things and believes the Mind Flayer's attack 6 months ago is responsible, Brenner reassures her that she will learn to how to manifest her powers once again. Brenner introduces Eleven to hundreds of tapes that had recorded the events that had transpired in Hawkins Lab and explains to Eleven that she would need to reexperience it fully. Brenner further tells her that the reason that she does not remember of these past events is because her mind's coping mechanism protects her from traumatic memories. Afterwards, Eleven steps into NINA and proceeds to recall another memory fragment.

Somewhere else in Hawkins, Eddie steals an walkie talkie from an construction worker and sneaks off into the forest and tries to contact with the group. Elsewhere, Nancy, Robin, Dustin, Lucas, Max and Steve arrives at Eddie's hideout only to find it that an crime had took place there. Lucas soon discovers that the victim is that of his teammate Patrick with their families also discover of the gruesome act through the news report. Eddie gets ahold of the group and tells them that he is currently hiding in Skull Rock with Steve recognizes the location and proceeds to lead the rest.

Back with the California crew, they finally arrive at the Bingham's residence and finds that the house is filled of rebellious and energetic children. The group meets with the oldest child of the house Eden Bingham who Argyle is infatuated with and she proceeds to guide them to Suzie's room. The group finds her and inquires for help. They told her of the recent events which is met with difficulty of processing by Suzie but they fake it as an chance to win an console that is not released to the public yet and gift it to Dustin on his oncoming birthday. Suzie informs them that her laptop is taken away to her dad's office after confessing in changing Dustin's score in his tests results 2 days before spring break. Suzie realizes that they will need help in retrieving it back.

After the crash, Yuri is tied up with Joyce and Murray making out safely. Yuri strikes a bargain with them but Murray threatens to leave him behind for him to get mauled by bears. Fearing for his life, Yuri informs the pair that his warehouse is located in the east and they needed to reach the prison at sundown. The trio then set out for their destination and arrive at the village Kyrzran. They stock up and plans to infiltrate the prison with Murray posing as Yuri in bringing KGB's most wanted prisoners with Yuri posing as Murray albeit gagged upon not willing to further cooperate.

In prison, Hopper, Antonov, and the rest of the prisoners are escorted to a dining table where a feast awaits. During the feast, one of the prisoner tells the group that he had been incarcerated in this place for a week and witnessed 6 prisoners enter but they never came back out after being thrown down the hole against the monster from another world. The prisoner assumes that they are put here to test the strength of the beast which would be used in a war, but Hopper informs them that he knows what it is with the Russians continuously supply it with thrills of the hunt by putting inmates in daily as to avoid its disinterest to further hunt, and proceeds to tell them that the food that are being fed to them contains nutrients needed to raise the monster.

In one of the memories, El spends her time within the Rainbow Room with Peter Ballard, the friendly orderly giving advice as to how El can land the ball into slot 3. The orderly tells Eleven that she reminds him of One who Brenner tells to all the children that the particular child do not exist. He warns her that Brenner does not always tell the truth and had spent a lot of time with One in the Rainbow Room before mysteriously disappearing. The orderly informs Eleven that the strange woman who had come for her was in fact her mother Terry Ives with Eleven realizing that her mother never die during her childbirth and Ballard warns her of the place and its people are not what she thought had been. Shortly after, Brenner comes in and guides all the children to another lesson.

During their expedition in finding Skull Rock, Dustin and Steve have trouble in locating the popular place when its compass gone awry with Steve finally finds the location and reunites with Eddie while other members catch up with one another during the search.

In the townhall meeting, people express their undeniable belief in Eddie being the culprit behind the serial killings with one citizen pointing how Chrissy Cunningham dies in his trailer park and is furious at the fact that Eddie is now being considered the prime suspect in the wake of Patrick's death. The Wheelers, Sinclairs as well as Henderson's mother participates the gathering when it is suddenly interrupted by Jason and his group who had enough of the excuses and lies in search of Eddie. Jason recounts his tale to the people and tells the people that the killings are form of ritualistic sacrifice and reinforces it in the wake of Satanic Panic and the Starcourt mall disaster as well unexplained deaths in Hawkins over the years. Jason informs the people that Hellfire Club is one of these cults that acts as Eddie's accomplices with their façade as Dungeons and Dragons club to which Erica strongly objects and their respective families shocked to learn. Following his speech, Jason manages to turn most of the townspeople to a wide search manhunt for Eddie and The Hellfire Club, which is met with dismay by the Wheelers, Sinclairs and Henderson's mother as well as Powell and Callahan.

After the meeting, the parents drove back to the Wheelers House where they frantically search their children only to find their absence from the residence. Upon finding no signs of their presence, Karen decides to call the cops in help of the search of the kids.

Back at the group's new hideout, they realize that the time of the attack matches of the time where their flashlights gone out in the Creel House with the surge of energy cause by Vecna in attacking Patrick. Amidst their discussion, Dustin comes to the realization that the compass is deflected to the electromagnetism field that is caused by gates leading to the Upside Down. The group follows his trail to find it is somewhere in Lovers Lake.

At the exercise, all the children are taken to an spar training where they must push their opponent with their mind beyond the circle where Brenner had drawn it with the winner gaining more time in the Rainbow Room. Two and Six first begin with Six knocked out, followed by Five and all the other children until Eleven is Two's only opponent left. Eleven initially has a hard time in pushing Two out but gains the strength after remembering Ballard's advice in drawing powers from sad and angry memories and wins the spar. After the competition, Brenner notices the subtle hints that he had been helping Eleven in learning of her powers.

After the feast, Hopper and Antonov initiate an fight after telling the truth to the men as opposed to feeding delusions as an source of hope. The men are knocked out and brought back into their cell with Hopper revealed to have steal an lighter from an guard in order to fend off attacks from the Demogorgon as its main weakness is fire.

At the Bingham's residence, Cornelius turns off the power source which lures Mr. Bingham downstairs where he is continuously harassed and attacked by his other rebellious children with the group using the distracted time to trace the IP back to Nevada. They print out the location and head to the van where Argyle and Eden are smoking weed together.

After the exercise, Eleven notices that Ballard is being tortured and dragged out by other orderlies following Brenner's command and returns to the room unnoticed. Upon coming back to the Rainbow Room, Eleven is relentlessly taunted and bullied by Two along with Four, Five and Three following his first defeat which heavily affects his pride and ego. Eleven is push back and forth among the other four kids with their telekinetic powers and is finally thrown against the wall by Two. He threatens to kill her if she let this issue be noticed by Brenner with the group leaving the room after. Following the torment, Eleven is taken back to the massacre where she believes that she had killed all the other children in a fit of rage. Eleven is taken out of NINA and as she resuscitates back by the nurses, she tearfully tells Brenner that she knows what had happened during the massacre.

Back in Hawkins, the cops find the station wagon near Skull Rock prompting Powell and Callahan to check out the scene. Meanwhile, Dustin leads the group to the gate with Nancy concluding that Vecna leaves the gate the same way as the Demogorgon does so whenever it attacks. Nancy, Robin, Eddie and Steve board the boat and leaves Dustin with Lucas and Max. The four young adults paddle to the middle of the lake where the compass starts to deflect madly. Steve offers to look for the gate by diving beneath the lake but is wringed by vines which ultimately drags him to the Upside Down. Nancy, Robin and Eddie follow after Steve into the other dimension while Max, Lucas, and Dustin distract the cops by revealing themselves. They try to outrun them but are captured. Back in the Upside Down, Steve is attacked by Demobats. He attempts to fight them off but after a while, the Demobats gain the upper hand as they pin Steve to the ground and begin to slowly maul him to death as one of the bats uses its tail to wrap itself around his neck, leaving Steve screaming in pain, his cries echoing across the dark, twisted landscape.


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  • The title of the episode was revealed on November 6, 2021, on the occasion of Stranger Things Day.
  • In the scene where Suzie dials Dr. Owens' number, she dials ‘202-564-9087’ as opposed to the written number ‘202-968-6161’. This error was carried over from "The Nina Project" where the initial audio has Will telling Mike the incorrect number.