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Okay, let me just be clear on this. I haven't heard from you in a week, and now you want a mathematical equation that you should know so you can... save the world?
— Suzie to Dustin, 1985

Suzie Bingham, portrayed by Gabriella Pizzolo, is a minor character in the third season and a recurring character in the fourth season of Stranger Things. A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, she became the girlfriend of Dustin Henderson in 1985.

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Who is Suzie Bingham in Stranger Things? toggle section
Suzie Bingham is a character from the popular Netflix original sci-fi series, Stranger Things. She is portrayed by Gabriella Pizzolo and is introduced as a minor character in the third season, later becoming a recurring character in the fourth season. Suzie is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, and is known for being the girlfriend of Dustin Henderson, another character in the series. She is also known by her nickname, Suzie-Poo, given by Dustin. Suzie has a large family, including her parents and several siblings.
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How did Suzie Bingham and Dustin Henderson start dating? toggle section
Suzie Bingham and Dustin Henderson first met at Camp Know Where in June of 1985. They bonded over their shared love for comics and science, which eventually led to them dating. Suzie became Dustin's first girlfriend and unlike other girls Dustin has interacted with, Suzie did not care about Dustin's cleidocranial dysplasia, even saying that 'kissing is better' with him.
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Who portrayed Suzie Bingham in Stranger Things? toggle section
Suzie Bingham in Stranger Things was portrayed by Gabriella Pizzolo.
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What is the significance of Salt Lake City, Utah in Suzie Bingham's backstory? toggle section
Salt Lake City, Utah holds a significant place in Suzie Bingham's backstory as it is her hometown. Known for her role in Stranger Things as Dustin's girlfriend, Suzie resides in Salt Lake City with her family. The Bingham House, located in this city, is where Suzie and her siblings live. This location adds depth to her character and provides context to her long-distance relationship with Dustin.
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What is the relationship between Suzie and Dustin in Stranger Things? toggle section
In the popular series Stranger Things, Suzie and Dustin share a sweet and unique relationship. They are revealed to be in a long-distance relationship, with many of Dustin's friends initially believing Suzie was a figment of his imagination. However, Suzie is very real and shares a deep bond with Dustin. They even have adorable pet names for each other, with Suzie referring to Dustin as 'Dusty Bun' and Dustin calling her 'Suzie Poo'. They also share a love for the song 'Neverending Story', which they enjoy performing together. In 1986, their relationship remained strong, with Dustin even trusting Suzie to help him change his grades in his Latin class.
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Suzie was born to her unnamed parents in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was raised in a strict Mormon household, but while also devoted to her faith, she also developed more nerdy interests, such as science, technology, and reading fantasy novels.


In May of 1985, Suzie attended Camp Know Where, a sleepaway camp for children interested in technology, where she met Dustin Henderson.

She first met Dustin when Dustin alighted off the bus at Camp and stood up to two bullies. She was one of the bystanders who applauded Dustin's verbal defense against the two bullies. Suzie gradually developed an attraction to Dustin, awed by his actions in standing up against the bullies repeatedly as well as his stories about life at Hawkins.[1]

Suzie asked advice from a counselor named Dawn who advised her to use science as a topic of interest for the two of them to talk about. Suzie then approached Dustin as he was busy writing his own Dungeons and Dragons game session. Suzie quickly mistook Dustin's words as a rebuke, causing her to run away without even introducing her name. The next day Suzie attempted to talk to Dawn again to get advice, but discovered that the counselor had apparently left. Later she started doing math near Dustin on the same field, which caused Dustin to notice her. When she attempted to approach Dustin later as he was composing his game session, Dustin called out in anger, not knowing it was Suzie. Suzie then fled once more, filling Dustin with regret.[1]

Dustin then tracked down Suzie and expressed his sorrow at the misunderstanding, the two finally getting a chance to properly introduce themselves. The two then overheard a conversation between the camp counselors where they were discussing a possible killer on the Camp premises. Dustin then resolved to find out who the killers were and why, although Suzie put up a light protest, asking if the shouldn't just let the counselors resolve the situation on their own. She also reminded him that they were kids, thus limiting their options. But Dustin pointed out that them being kids was advantageous, as they would not be targets to the possible killer. Suzie then felt empowered by his words, agreeing wholeheartedly and racing past Dustin in determination.[1]

Throughout the month, the two became infatuated with one another, eventually becoming a couple. The two shared a love for both the main song from The NeverEnding Story,[2] and mathematical equations. By June, as their time at Camp Know Where drew to a close, Dustin gave Suzie his signature cap to remember him. As a way to keep in communication, Dustin built Cerebro, a ham radio that can communicate across long distances.


On June 29, upon Dustin's return to Hawkins, he showed Cerebro to his friends and explained its purpose: contacting Suzie. Dustin's friends helped Dustin put Cerebro together at the highest point in Hawkins. However, Dustin's attempt to contact Suzie was unsuccessful. This caused his friends to conclude that Suzie did not exist, as did Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley when he told them about her.[3]


On July 4, Dustin contacted Suzie in Utah to get Planck's Constant. She was surprised to hear from him. She asked "Dusty-Bun" where he has been, and Dustin explained that he had been busy saving the world from Russians and monsters. She giggled and said of course he was. Erica whispered for Dustin to get the number, causing Suzie to ask who else was there. Dustin nervously lied and said it was simply interference and they should change frequency. Suzie complied. He asked her if she knew Planck's Constant, which she did. When Dustin asked what it was, Suzie questioned his lack of contact with her for the week only to ask for a mathematical equation that he should know in order to save the world. Dustin promised that he would make it up to her as soon as possible, but Suzie said he could make it up to her now. Confused, Dustin asked what she was talking about. Suzie simply said that she "wanted to hear it." Dustin, embarrassed, said not now, but Suzie demanded him to do it or she would sign off. Reluctantly, Dustin began singing alongside Suzie a duet to the theme song for The NeverEnding Story, much to the confusion and annoyance of the group, who were listening by radio. After finishing, she provided Planck's Constant, which Jim and Joyce used to unlocked the safe holding the keys. Dustin said that she just saved the world, and Suzie said that she missed him "multiplied by all the stars in the galaxy," and as the two proclaimed their love for one another, Erica irritably turned off the radio, leaving Suzie confused.[2]



On March 21, Suzie was contacted by Dustin to help him change his grades as he had gotten a D- in Latin despite getting As and Bs in the other subjects. After hacking into Hawkins High School computer program, Suzie reluctantly changed her boyfriend's grade and made a promise to her statuette of Jesus that she would repent of her sin.[4]

Later, a guilty Suzie confessed to her father that she had changed Dustin's grades. Angered more about the fact that she was dating an agnostic rather than the grade tampering, her father took her computer away permanently as punishment. Her father now uses the computer for his work, and keeps it in his study at home. The study is kept locked.[5]

Sometime later, while fixing her home's radio antenna, Suzie was visited by Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, Jonathan Byers and Argyle. They requested her help in contacting a certain computer's phone number and tracing the computer's location. They told Suzie that locating this computer was part of a promotion for a new gaming console, and that the winners would receive a free copy of the new gaming console. Suzie was also told that the new gaming console would be a birthday present for Dustin. With the help of her younger siblings, Suzie was able to get into her father's office and obtain the coordinates for this computer, which were in Nevada. She then supplied them to the group, only to be met with the sight of Argyle and Suzie's oldest sister Eden Bingham hooking up in the back of Argyle's van.[5]


Like Dustin, Suzie is interested in science and comics. Due to her religious family and appearance, it's likely Suzie is sheltered and quiet, which leads to her nerdy nature. When Dustin calls Suzie asking if she knows the Planck constant, she jokingly remarks, "Do you know the Earth orbits the sun?", reciting the complicated number by heart, showing her to be an intelligent and studious girl. It is shown that she can operate a ham radio, as that is her main mode of communication with Dustin. She is also quite sentimental and romantic, being particularly joyous to hear from Dustin and seems to particularly enjoy singing with him. There's also some hints of jealousy to Suzie, as when she hears Erica murmur to Dustin to get the number already, Suzie suspiciously asks who that was, but Dustin lies by saying it was someone overlapping the frequency.




Suzie is Dustin Henderson's first girlfriend, having met at Camp Know Where during June of 1985. They share a love of comics and science. Unlike other girls Dustin has interacted with, Suzie does not care about Dustin's cleidocranial dysplasia, saying that "kissing is better without teeth". Dustin's view of Suzie is slightly warped (but in a good way), viewing her as "hotter than Phoebe Cates" and describing her as the perfect woman. When the two departed once camp was over, Dustin bestowed her his old hat, which she kept by her bedside table. After returning to Hawkins, Dustin attempts to reconnect with her through his radio and introduce her to his skeptical friends, but she does not respond. After Dustin contacts her in need of Planck's Constant, Suzie is proved to exist and is extremely enamored with him. The two refer to each other by pet names ("Suzie Poo" and "Dusty Bun") and they perform the theme song to The Neverending Story. She is mentioned by Dustin three months later that his rendition of The Neverending Story is for Suzie's ears only, showing they still talk to each other.

Although Dustin's friends hadn't yet met Suzie in-person, Dustin frequently mentioned her during the events of Summer 1985. Mike, Will, El, Max, and Lucas were shocked and skeptical of her existence and perfect nature. After Dustin fails to get in contact with her, the group concludes she is probably fabricated. The next day, he tells Steve, who believes the same thing. Dustin then compares his and Suzie's relationship with Steve's romantic feelings for Robin, much to his annoyance. On the night of July 4, while Robin, Steve, Dustin, and Erica ride towards Cerebro, Robin says to Dustin that Suzie must be worth lugging the radio out in the middle of nowhere just to speak to her, but Erica and Steve remain skeptical of her existence. It is not until Dustin and Suzie sing their song that the group is convinced of her existence (but are confused by their duet). Three months later, Max and Lucas tease Dustin of his duet by singing it while they help the Byers move, much to Dustin's anger. Between July and October of 1985, it's currently unknown whether they have been introduced to her by Dustin, but it can be assumed he most likely did not due to their knowledge of their duet.


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Memorable quotes[]

  • "This is Suzie, I copy!"
  • "Planck's constant is 6.62607004."
  • Jonathan: "What's the Internet?"
  • Suzie: "Don't worry about it. It's just gonna change the world."


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  • Suzie and Dustin have a favorite song that they usually sing together: "Never Ending Story". Released in 1984, it is the title song from the English version of the German 1984 film, The NeverEnding Story.
  • Judging from certain objects in her room, Suzie appears to like certain movies and fandoms that are considered for younger children, owning a The Wizard of Oz poster, a The Muppet Movie poster, and a Strawberry Shortcake mug.
  • She and her family are Mormon.
  • She plays the clarinet, similar to Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  • When Dustin mentions that he couldn't contact her due to being busy saving the world from Russians and monsters, Suzie, giggling, says, "Of course you have!" It's possible Dustin told Suzie about the events in Hawkins (likely to impress her), but it's unknown both how much she knows and how much she believes.
  • Dustin's old hat that he wore in the previous seasons can be seen on her bedside table.
  • For a promotion for the third season, Suzie was a spokesperson in a vintage commercial for Camp Know Where, sponsored by Microsoft.
  • Dustin, Mike, and Will are currently the only party members to have interacted with Suzie physically.
  • Suzie and Robin Buckley are the only new living characters that was introduced in Stranger Things 3 reappear and return in later seasons.