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Delivered... HOT TO YOUR DOOR

–Surfer Boy Pizza's tagline, 1986

Surfer Boy Pizza was a pizza restaurant chain. There were at least two Surfer Boy Pizza restaurants: one located in Lenora Hills, California, and another in Nevada.

Orders were placed by calling 775-38-PIZZA. According to Argyle, all ingredients used in Surfer Boy pizzas are fresh - except for the pineapple, which comes out of a can.





Behind the scenes

There is a real phone number that can be called which is answered by Argyle. (805) 457-4992

When calling, Argyle will answer and put the caller on "hold" while he lists another order that came in before the current call. The order is as follows:

  • A 6in Pizza W/Super Yellow Crust
  • Red Sauce, up to the edge of the crust
  • 4 Chunks of White Mozzarella
  • 3 Habaneros that are Bright Orange
  • 2 Slices of Green Peppers
  • & 1 piece of Bleu Cheese.


  1. Surfer Boy Pizza coupon shown in "Dear Billy" lists the address