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Administrators are experienced and trusted members of the Stranger Things Wiki who carry out a wide range of tasks, which range from the technical to the editorial. Administrators are often seen as community leaders and moderators, with users turning to them for advice and information, but they are not imbued with any special authority and are equal to everybody else in terms of editorial responsibility. Administrators have "sysop rights," a set of tools that allows them to perform operations that ordinary users cannot, including the deletion of pages and blocking troublemakers. In 2022, Stranger Things Wiki implemented a system which allows the community to elect new admins.

Bureaucrats are administrators with additional privileges, including the management of user rights. They are not currently elected by the community, though this could change in the future.

For a complete list of our admins, see our Staff page.

The role of administrator

Administrators are the local user group with the biggest tool set. In addition to holding the abilities of Content and Discussion moderators, admins can:

Administrator conduct

Administrators have been entrusted with the means to maintain the overall quality of the site. With this in mind, an administrator is expected to:

  • be friendly, welcoming, and helpful to others
  • be a capable and constructive contributor to the wiki
  • be open and welcoming in their communication and respond to messages on their wall in a reasonably timely manner
  • address disruption on the wiki, including breaches of civility.

In addition to following the User Guidelines for the wiki, an administrator must not:

  • act like they own the site. The Stranger Things Wiki belongs to the community, and administrators are the protectors of the community.
  • abuse their administrator privileges to censor or otherwise unfairly inhibit reasonable discussion.
  • misapply or selectively apply the code of conduct in their moderating role.

While administrators are not above regular users in terms of importance, they should be aware that their status makes role models out of them, and they should carry themselves accordingly.

Note: Bureaucrats are essentially a higher rank of administrator. They have the ability to promote users to all user groups, including bureaucrats, administrators, Content Moderators, and patrollers. The bureaucrat user group is the highest local user group on the wiki, and cannot be applied for. Stranger Things Wiki bureaucrats are listed on the Staff page.

Becoming an administrator

Stage 1: Nomination

  • Anyone (including administrators and bureaucrats) may nominate themselves, or be nominated by others. Any nomination must be accompanied by a statement no longer than 100 words, and should be a logical and reasonable explanation detailing why the user would make for a good admin.
  • Users must have made at least 50 edits (that are not exclusive to their own userpage), and have been active for at least four weeks to be able to vote or nominate (or be nominated by another user).
  • Nominees must have proficient writing ability (in English).
  • Nominees should have some degree of knowledge of admin tools, and an idea of how they would use these tools if they received the administrator position.
  • Nominees should ideally have some experience as a content moderator or discussions moderator, either on Stranger Things Wiki or another wiki. Users without experience are allowed to apply, but are nevertheless encouraged to gain these kinds of experience first.
  • If a user who has repeatedly and demonstrably violated the User Guidelines decides to apply, their application may initially be permitted, but an administrator has the right to remove it, if they wish.
    • It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure compliance; non-complying nominations will likely be rejected by an administrator or bureaucrat.

Stage 2: Community questions

  • If the nominee accepts a nomination, community members may ask the nominee any questions they may have. The nominee may choose not to answer.
  • After one week, nominations are closed, questions are closed and voting is opened.

Stage 3: Voting

  • When voting begins, community members may do the following:
    1. Place one "support" vote under the nominee of their choice, either by writing "Support" or by inserting the Support SUPPORT template ( {{Support}} )
    2. Place one "oppose" vote under as many nominees as the user feels strongly about, either by writing "Oppose" or by inserting the Oppose OPPOSE template ( {{Oppose}} )
  • Attach reasoning to your position. Every vote must be logical, reasonable, and in line with the stated requirements for adminship. It is the responsibility of the voter to ensure compliance. Unless they are later clarified in an acceptable way, non-complying votes may be discarded without notice.
  • Individual votes may then be critiqued or discussed at any time in a civil and reasonable manner.
  • At the end of two weeks, voting is closed. Voting is also closed if there are no votes for five days.

Stage 4: Selection and receival of rights

The ability to grant adminship rights ultimately lies with a bureaucrat. For this reason, bureaucrats can override the community majority decision if they so choose, but this should only be done if they have a sufficient reason, or justification, for doing so. Two weeks after an accepted nomination, an active bureaucrat will make the final call, with reference to administrator requirements and general wiki policies.

  • The nominee with the most votes is considered first. If the nominee has a rate of support of 80% or above, the rights are granted (if the bureaucrat chooses not to overrule).
  • If the nominee has a rate of support between 70% and 80%, bureaucratic discretion is to be used in determining whether rights are granted.
  • If the nominee has a rate of support of 70% or below, the rights are not granted.
  • If the nominee with the most complying votes is not granted the rights, then the nominee with the next most complying votes is considered. Bureaucratic discretion might be used to determining whether rights are granted.

Apply for adminship

To apply for adminship, input your username in the form below, click the Apply button, fill in the form fields, and submit your statement to the Adminship Applications page. Before applying, make sure you have read and understood the above information and requirements.

NOTICE: Please set your edit type to ‘source’ in preferences before applying, to sidestep a glitch affecting some users.

Applications for adminship are currently OPEN.

Removal of admin rights

If it is believed that privileges are being abused by an administrator, the following process should be applied.

  1. Communicate with them. Try to talk it out and come to an agreement.
  2. If attempts at communication fail, bring this to the attention of another administrator and/or bureaucrat to mediate. As a last resort, you may also reach out to Lady Lostris, our Wiki Representative, or Fandom Staff.
  3. Removal of admin rights will be considered by an active bureaucrat. If a decision to remove admin rights is taken, detailed reasoning with reference to local policies or Fandom's Terms of Use must be provided in order to satisfy a standard of accountability. One or more of the following must be shown:
    • Sustained, deliberate misuse of the privileges given
    • Sustained failure to follow the code of conduct in their entirety
    • Sustained failure to follow the conduct guidelines outlined further above

Administrators should remain active to assist the wiki. In cases of prolonged inactivity (two years or longer), removal of user rights may be considered by an active bureaucrat based on the needs of the community.