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Stranger Things 3: The Game is a beat 'em up game based on the third season of Stranger Things and is developed by BonusXP, Inc.

It was released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, and PC on July 4, 2019.[1] The game was later released on iOS and Android on August 29, 2019.[2]


The game uses a 16-bit art style and is played in an overhead view, similar to its previous entry in the series. However, unlike the previous entry, the game supports both local co-op and solo gameplay. While playing solo, players can use "buddy commands" to control actions of both characters.[3]

After completing the game in its entirety for the first time, Eliminator Mode is unlocked. In this mode, the entire party is unlocked at the start of the game. However, if a character dies, they will stay dead for the rest of the game.[4]

Playable Characters[]

12 characters are playable in the game, including Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Max, Hopper, Joyce, Jonathan, Nancy, Steve and Erica.

Character Weapon & Skills Upgrades
ST3 The Game-Hopper
Attack: Punch

Special: Rush

Iron Knuckles: Deals even more damage to stunned enemies.
ST3 The Game-Joyce
Attack: Big Whack

Special: Whirl

Jaws: Big Whack deals 20 additional damage.
ST3 The Game-Max
Attack: Kick

Special: Medic

Hot Foot: Kick deals 15 additional Fire damage.[5]
ST3 The Game-Lucas
Attack: Wrist-Rocket

Special: Cherry Bomb

Stink Bombs: Slingshot deals 10 additional Chem damage.
ST3 The Game-Mike
Attack: Bat Swing

Special: Taunt

Evil Eye: Taunt allows you to resist attacks, weaken enemies, and force enemies to attack you.
ST3 The Game-Eleven
Attack: Psychic Push

Special: Nuke

Thinking Cap: Increases power of Psychic Push and decreases energy needed for Nuke.[6]
ST3 The Game-Will
Attack: Roman Blast

Special: Death Blossom (Spin)

Wizard Staff: Death Blossom fires extra projectiles.
ST3 The Game-Erica
Attack: Zap

Special: Chain Zap

My Lightning Poker: Shock Baton deals an additional 20% Electric damage. Chain Zap arcs 3 more times.
ST3 The Game-Dustin
Attack: Poison Spray

Special: Robot Bomb

Rock'em Shock'em: Robot deals 50 extra Shock damage.
ST3 The Game-Steve
Attack: Scoop

Special: Corrode

Brain Freezer: Scoop deals an additional 10% damage and slows enemies even more.
ST3 The Game-Nancy

Attack: Scissor Slash

Special: Execute

Surgical Shears: Deals extra damage on critical hits.[7]
Jonathan sprite
Attack: Punch

Special: Group Photo

Lens Flare: Group Photo stuns enemies longer.[8]


The game features the same storyline of the third season of Stranger Things. In addition to the story, there are plenty of extra errands in the form of side-quests, which the players can complete.

According to Pottinger, co-founder and CEO of developer BonusXP, it takes 12-15 hours to complete the game.[9]

Game Bosses[]

The game has 5 bosses to beat and depending on with platform you are playing the challenge will change. For PC players, the point & click mechanics makes it much harder.

Boss 1: Flayed Mrs. Driscoll[]

This boss is fairly easy and the trick is to turn on the lights as she is invulnerable at the dark. To keep control of the fight, don't let the rats accumulate. Kill them as they appear. She has around 850 HP.[10]


Boss- Flayed Mrs. Driscoll

Boss walk-through.

Boss 2: Flayed Billy[]

This boss is maybe the harder one of the 4 bosses for PC players. Flayed Billy becomes vulnerable after hitting a wall and you need to avoid getting hit him while he runs. One trick that helps is to clear the boxes from the rooms as soon as possible and again, don't let the rats accumulate. Kill them as they appear.[11]


Boss- Flayed Billy - PC - Master Level - Point & Click Mechanics - Stranger Things 3

Boss walk-through

Boss 3: Tom and Bruce[]

This boss can be really tedious, as they heal constantly when close to each other, but also hitting one will deal damage to the other one too. You can prevent them from healing by letting one character dealing with any of the duo while you make the other follow you to another spot, but even with that they will meet each other again.

Boss 4: Mind Flayer Monster[]

This monster can be intimidating at first, but with the right tricks is fairly easy as its attacks follow a pattern. It's a 2 stages boss, at the first stage you will attack him with single cannon shots and at the second stage it's necessary to aim all cannons at him and shoot them at the same time. It has around 410,000 HP.


Boss- Mind Flayer Monster - PC - Master Level - Point & Click Mechanics - Stranger Things 3

Boss walk-through.

Boss 5: Grigori[]

This is the only boss you are not allowed to switch characters. You need to play with Joyce and Hopper, so to make it easier build and equip optimal trinkets (Body Armor, Battle Gear, Counter Punch, Big Britches and Jaws). His most dangerous attack is the AK shooting rounds. He becomes invulnerable after being electrocuted or when his attack is blocked.


Final Boss- Grigori - PC - Master Level - Point & Click Mechanics - Stranger Things 3

Boss walk-through.



The announcement trailer was released at the Game Awards on December 7, 2018 showcasing Jim Hopper, Lucas, and Joyce fighting multiple foes in various areas.[12]

The first full-length gameplay trailer was released on April 3, 2019 that showcased the playable characters featured in the game.[13]

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  • The game originally costed money and was standalone, before being pulled and re-released. The re-release is only available on mobile devices, however, being available for free for those with a Netflix subscription. Those who have the original can still play without a subscription. This makes the PC and console versions decently rare.

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