An interactive game based on the Netflix original series, Stranger Things was in development by Telltale Games for PC and consoles.[1] While the game was slated for a 2019 release,[2] in September 2018, it was announced the game had been canceled.[3] Following its cancellation, Netflix released an official statement stating it was exploring other options to bring Stranger Things in an interactive medium.[4]


The idea for the game was first pitched in mid-2016, shortly after the premiere of the first season. However, the former executives of the company repeatedly rejected the pitch, regarding it to be a terrible idea from the belief that the series was "just a bunch of kids on bikes." However, when leadership of the company changed in 2017, the long-awaited partnership with Netflix was finally realized, allowing development of the game to begin. The game was reportedly going to be the first of Telltale's games to be released on the Unity engine.[5]

Following a large wave of layoffs from the company due to Telltale's closure, the game was canceled in September 2018.[3]

On September 23, 2018, footage of the canceled game surfaced online showing minimal gameplay. The footage reveals Will Byers was going to be a playable character.[6] The following day, several more clips were uploaded. The first two appear to be a continuation of the initial clip, showing Will opening a drawer and receiving a TRS-80 for his birthday from Joyce.[7][8] The final two clips take place in first-person as the player encounters and hides from the Demogorgon.[9][10] Hints scattered throughout the videos indicate the game would have most likely been set before the events of the second season.


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