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ST Horror Nights Poster 2

Official artwork for the event.

Stranger Things is an attraction based on the series that was featured during the 2018 Halloween Horror Nights event held at several Universal Studios theme parks. The maze launched on September 14 at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort, and opened on September 27 at Universal Studios Singapore.[1] The attraction was reopened on November 6 in honor of Stranger Things Day.


The maze begins on Mirkwood, where guests are stalked by the Demogorgon as they hear Mike, Dustin, and Lucas looking for Will through their walkie-talkies, as well as sounds of the search party. As attendants exit the woods, they see the silhouette of the Demogorgon behind a clothes line before arriving at the Byers’ house.

Entering the house, guests will find Joyce’s Ouija wall signalling for them to “R-U-N”. They then continue to Will’s room where they find the lights flickering and Joyce holding an axe as the Demogorgon’s hand breaks through the wall. Continuing to the backyard shed, guests finally meet the Demogorgon face-to-face.

After being attacked by the Demogorgon, attendants will make their way to Castle Byers. There, they are again attacked by the Demogorgon and sent through a portal into the Upside Down. Here, Nancy is found holding a flashlight and searching for Jonathan. After coming across the dead deer, the Demogorgon again attacks the guests. Shortly after, several agents in hazmat suits pursue them as they enter Hawkins Lab.

In the lab, attendants witness a scientist enter the elevator and taken by the Demogorgon. From behind, Hopper fires a warning shot and urges them to leave. After being chased by agents, guests will find themselves in the room containing the Gate. Brenner is there, telling the crowd that “everything is okay” as he urges them through the Gate. Once through, the next location is the Void, where guests will find Barb’s corpse and Will in the Upside Down version of Castle Byers. The Demogorgon attacks again before exiting the Upside Down.

Now in Hawkins Middle School, attendants have caught up with Eleven and the boys after the agents have been killed by Eleven’s powers. The Demogorgon pounds on the wall as the kids’ warnings about the approaching creature are heard. The maze concludes in the science room during the final showdown between Eleven and the Demogorgon.[2]


Horror Nights Poster

Announcement poster.

The Duffer Brothers, as well as Shawn Levy, collaborated with the Horror Nights design team in order to authentically recreate the series.[1]

Kyle Lambert, the official illustrator for the series, designed the key art for the event.[3]

To enhance the maze's immersion, Universal Studios decided to replicate the same flooring and wallpapers as the ones used in the TV series, including the background paper of the Upside Down which has been taken directly from the show. More than 40,000 pictures from the show were also sent to the prop department for reference to ensure everything was accurate. Furthermore, the Demogorgon suits used for the maze were also created by the same team that created the suit for the series.[4] Creative development show director Patrick Braillard also revealed they had strict criteria in casting performers for the Demogorgon, since accommodations were necessary to adjust the length of torso, leg and arm as well as the height to bring the character to life.[5]


On September 5, 2018, Universal Orlando Resort revealed six new images of the attraction to provide a sneak peek of what the guests will experience at the maze.[6]



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