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Stranger Things: Science Camp is a comic book miniseries of the Stranger Things comic series published by Dark Horse Comics. It ran for four issues, starting in September 2020 and ending in December.[1]

On May 4, 2021, the four issues were released as a graphic novel.[2]

Creative Staff[]

  • Writers: Jody Houser
  • Interior pencils: Edgar Salazar
  • Interior inks: Keith Champagne
  • Interior colors: Marissa Louise
  • Lettering: Nate Piekos
  • Standard covers: Viktor Kalvachev
  • Variant covers: Kyle Lambert and Fernando Ruiz (Issue #1), Tula Lotay[3] and/or Raúl Allén[4] and Eric Nguyen (Issue #2), Raúl Allén and Pius Bak (issue #3), Sebastian Piriz and Pius Bak (issue #4)


Cover Issue Synopsis Published
1 As Dustin arrives for a session at Camp Know Where without the friendship or support of his Hawkins adventuring buddies, he'll navigate the complexities of a new social pecking order. While also faced with a tribe of nerdy bullies, an evil threat haunts the budding scientists and camp counselors.

A strange figure with sinister intent arrives to disrupt the summer camp's serene woodland scene. While this problem's solution might not be in the same league as the dreaded Demogorgon or Mindflayer, Dustin still must get on the same wavelength as his fellow campers before tensions rise to a boiling point.

September 30, 2020
2 Terror has struck Camp Know Where! A camp counselor has disappeared in the night with no clue but a distant scream. Suspicions arise, and as Dustin inadvertently passes the acid test to become the cool kid at camp, he must balance his newfound popularity with the rising tensions and try not to get his wires crossed with other campers. October 28, 2020
Science Camp 3
3 While Dustin continues to prove his mettle as a Dungeons and Dragons DM to prove a point to new-found camp bullies, the counselors of Camp Know Where have been disappearing one by one. When Suzie and Dustin discover the older teenagers running the camp are the targets of a sinister plot, they decide to solve the mystery on their own. November 25, 2020
Science Camp 4
4 The science-focused summer camp Dustin is attending has been besieged by a sinister figure wearing a menacing Einstein mask. While the camp counselors themselves debate what to do to keep the kids safe, Dustin and Suzie round up a crew of kids to get to the bottom of the mystery and protect themselves! December 30, 2020