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This article is about the second comic miniseries. For other uses, see Stranger Things (disambiguation).

Stranger Things: SIX is the second miniseries of the Stranger Things comic series published by Dark Horse Comics. It consists of four issues and follows the events of Six, who was a test subject at Hawkins National Laboratory, similar to Eleven and Eight. Published by Dark Horse Comics, the miniseries is written by Jody Houser, illustrated by Edgar Salazar, inked by Keith Champagne, colored by Lauren Affe, and lettered by Nate Piekos.[1]

The first issue of the miniseries was released on May 29, 2019.


Cover Issue Synopsis Published
1 Francine, a teenage girl with precognition, has struggled through a lifetime of exploitation: first by her parents, then by Dr. Brenner of Hawkins Laboratory. Dr. Brenner wants to harness her powers as well as those of the other gifted children that they hold captive at the lab. Wracked by increasingly disturbing visions, she sees an opportunity to change her life. But at what cost? May 29, 2019
2 Trapped inside the mysterious Hawkins Laboratory, gifted teen Francine struggles with nightmares and dark flashbacks as Dr. Brenner attempts to truly unlock her precognitive powers. And an old friend tries to make amends—but can she really trust him? June 26, 2019
STSIX3 Cover.jpg
3 Discover the origins of Project MKUltra! Francine and the other gifted young people are being held in the Hawkins Laboratory by Dr. Brenner. Francine believes he will stop at nothing to harness their collective powers. Increasingly grueling experiments unlock dark visions of the future, convincing her and her friends that they must somehow escape with the rest of the children--but will their opportunity arrive too late? July 31, 2019
STSIX4 Cover.jpg
4 Francine's precognitive abilities are put to the test when she and Ricky attempt to escape Hawkins National Laboratory and save the other children from Dr. Brenner's cruel experiments. Will the ensuing chaos result in freedom for all of the gifted captives....or will some be left behind? August 28, 2019