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Stranger Things: Rebel Robin is a novel based on Stranger Things. Written by A. R. Capetta, it is a prequel novel to the third season and focuses on Robin Buckley struggling through her sophomore year. It was released on June 29, 2021.

A scripted fiction companion podcast entitled Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins was released as a tie-in for the novel.


High school is a monster, and it's eating everyone Robin knows. Discover the backstory of the new Stranger Things fan favorite character, Robin, played by Maya Hawke!

It's the beginning of sophomore year, and Robin's Odd Squad friends have decided: this time, they're going to fit in. They couple up, they won't stop talking about college and their future careers, and they're obsessed with trying to act "normal." Robin knows that game well—she's been pretending for years, hoping nobody would notice the sarcastic polyglot French horn player with a bad perm in the back of the room. But there's one aspect of her identity that she knows for sure doesn't fit in with her carefully controlled image—something she's only just now realizing: Robin likes girls.

How exactly is she supposed to be her true self in teeny-tiny Hawkins, Indiana? Robin is convinced the only way she can experience real life is by fleeing to Europe for the summer—aka Operation Croissant. But she has no money, no permission, and no one to share the adventure with—and it will take a heck of a lot more than that to escape Hawkins in one piece.

Sprinkled with references to your favourite Stranger Things characters, this prequel chronicles one girl's realization that the only person she really needs to be accepted by is herself.[1]


  • Robin Buckley, a girl feeling trapped within her small town.
  • Milton, Robin's half-Japanese, high achieving friend.
  • Kate, Robin's best friend - confident, head-strong and smart.
  • Dash Montague - Kate's boyfriend, and the fourth member of the Odd Squad.
  • Mr. Hauser, Robin's new favourite teacher.
  • Tammy Thompson, the pretty girl in Robin's history class who she keeps noticing.
  • Steve Harrington, Hawkins resident asshole, according to Robin.
  • Sheena Rollins, a bullied band geek, with a penchant for handmaking her own clothes.