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Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales is a cartoon-inspired story-driven puzzle role-playing game based on the Netflix Original series, Stranger Things.

Originally slated to release sometime in 2020[1], the game has now been released in 2021 on iOS and Android, after some delays.[2]


Dive into supernatural mysteries and immerse yourself in brand new, original storylines starring your favorite characters from the Netflix series while you explore a new Puzzle RPG experience!

Experience this unique Puzzle RPG with a roguelike mode, idle RPG rewards and supernatural mysteries based on the Netflix series, Stranger Things!

Join the Stranger Things Gang in this new official puzzle RPG today![3]


Gameplay Example

Gameplay Example

In this game, you collect characters from seasons 1-3 of the show, level them up, and give them gear to fight off monsters.

You can go through the main story route, and eventually, you can unlock HNL, in which you descend down inside of the lab in a separate set of missions. Every day, you may also enter the portal, which has characters permanently die for that day if they die. You can also earn portal tokens here. There is also the club boss, where you can join a club to defeat a monster, taking turns doing damage to it. You have a day to do so.

Simply by having the game installed, you can earn rewards in the background. All you have to do to claim them is log back on, and click the claim button. You can also send characters off to investigate to get extra rewards, or complete daily, weekly, and general tasks.

For every chapter you complete, you can also earn chapter rewards through the Reward Pass. There are free and premium rewards, the latter of which you must pay for.

You can unlock characters through diamonds, walkie-talkies, or star shards. You can sell one star characters to get scraps.

You can upgrade your characters with gold and experience, and sometimes requiring green goo through intervals of twenty or so. This improves their stats, such as power, health, and attack. You can also promote your characters, which allows them to be leveled up more. If you would prefer to not spend your recourses on certain characters, they can instead be sent to the gaming table, in which they can be temporarily leveled up to your fifth highest leveled up character. You can use gamer tokens to unlock more slots on the table.

You can give your character gear for all four slots, which include headgear, shirts, a weapon, and shoes/pants. You can also upgrade gear with other gear, or with upgrade tokens.


Character Image Playable Characters Season 1 Version Season 2 Version Season 3 Version Season 4 Version
Mike Wheeler Yes Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133541 Stranger Things.jpg
Lucas Sinclair Yes Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133553 Stranger Things.jpg
Nancy Wheeler Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133523 Stranger Things.jpg
Steve Harrington Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-140610 Stranger Things.jpg
Joyce Byers Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133410 Stranger Things.jpg
Eleven Yes Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133530 Stranger Things.jpg
Robin Buckley Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133434 Stranger Things.jpg
Will Byers Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133536 Stranger Things.jpg
Jim Hopper Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133544 Stranger Things.jpg
Jonathan Byers Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133441 Stranger Things.jpg
Murray Bauman Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133413 Stranger Things.jpg
Dustin Henderson Yes Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133606 Stranger Things.jpg
Max Mayfield Yes Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133603 Stranger Things.jpg
Erica Sinclair Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133609 Stranger Things.jpg
Kali Prasad Yes
Screenshot 20211026-140617 StrangerThings.jpg
Billy Hargrove Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133424 Stranger Things.jpg
Mick Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133427 Stranger Things.jpg
Dottie Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133438 Stranger Things.jpg
Mr. Clarke Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133445 Stranger Things.jpg
Officer Powell Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133448 Stranger Things.jpg
Axel Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133451 Stranger Things.jpg
Dr. Alexei Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133459 Stranger Things.jpg
Funshine Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133334 Stranger Things.jpg
Troy Walsh Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133337 Stranger Things.jpg
Heather Holloway Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133340 Stranger Things.jpg
Benny Hammond Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133344 Stranger Things.jpg
Officer Callahan Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133346 Stranger Things.jpg
Greg McCarkle Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133350 Stranger Things.jpg
Mr. Wheeler Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133355 Stranger Things.jpg
Mrs. Wheeler Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133358 Stranger Things.jpg
Suzie Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133402 Stranger Things.jpg
James Dante Yes
Screenshot 20211026-133406 Stranger Things.jpg
Keith Yes
Barb Yes


Chapter Poster Chapter Number Chapter Name
Arcade Poster.jpg
1. Arcade
Missing Sister Poster.jpg
2. The Missing Sister
Shopping Frenzy Poster.jpg
3. Shopping Frenzy
Stranger Science Poster.jpg
4. Strange Science
Funflayer Poster.jpg
5. Funflayer
Battle Bots Poster.jpg
6. Attack of the Battle Bots
Doppleganger Poster.jpg
7. The Doppleganger
Closing Time Poster.jpg
8. Closing Time
They Hatch Poster.jpg
9. They Hatch!
Bumman Poster.jpg
10. Bauman Delirium
Blood Drive Poster.jpg
11. Blood Drive
Mayhem In Hawkins Poster.jpg
12. Mayhem in Hawkins
Funflayer Two Poster.jpg
13 Funflayer 2: Teddy's Revenge
Pet Poster.jpg
14. The P.E.T.
16. Siblings
17. (TBA)


The Upside Down
Starcourt Mall
Hawkins National Laboratory
Fun Fair
Hawkins High School
Castle Byers
Mike's Basement
Palace Arcade


The game was developed by Next Games, a Finnish mobile game developer and publisher.[4] Similar to location-based games like Pokemon Go, Next Games was going to use Google Maps integrations so players could explore the Upside Down around their own neighborhood and team up with friends.[5]

According to Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO of Next Games, the game focuses on delivering rich and intense themes of Stranger Things, like friendship and supernatural adventure.

Due to the 2020 pandemic, development shifted away from the location-based mechanics to story-driven gameplay. The game was switched to a match three type format, in which you "defeat the Mind Flayer’s minions with your puzzle-solving skills."[6]

The game is now available on the Google Play store and the App Store, and is being updated consistently.[2]


It is currently unknown who has composed the soundtrack for this game. The OST consists of a few tracks, such as the lobby music and the battle music.



Promotional Images

Promotional Quotes


  • Dustin Henderson is labeled as "Dustin Henderson" in his Season 2 outfit, but only as "Dustin" in his Season 3 outfit.
  • Characters like Season 1 Joyce Byers and Season 1 Will Byers are on promotional material for the game, despite not yet being playable.
  • Bob Newby is a shopkeeper, but is not playable, unlike many other shopkeeper characters.
  • A non-playable varient of Erica Sinclair wearing a sweater is seen in the Reward Pass screen.
  • When the game is loading, Steve Harrington can be seen in a season 2 design different from the playable one. This is either a scrapped outfit, or a sign that characters can have multiple different looks from the same season in future updates.
  • During chapter 7 of the story, evil versions of the main characters are created by the Mind Flayer. This has yet to be seen in canon content.


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