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Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales is an upcoming 80s cartoon-inspired story-driven puzzle role-playing game based on the Netflix Original series, Stranger Things.

Originally slated to release on iOS and Android, sometime in 2020[1], the game has now been delayed to 2021.


Welcome to Hawkins, Indiana! Dive into supernatural mysteries and immerse yourself in this story-driven Puzzle RPG. Explore exclusive content, innovative game modes and a unique art style! Download now and play the Official Puzzle RPG based on the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things!



The game is being developed by Next Games, a Finnish mobile game developer and publisher.[2] Similar to location-based games like Pokemon Go, Next Games will be using Google Maps integrations so players can explore the Upside Down around their own neighborhood and team up with friends.[3]

According to Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO of Next Games, the game will focus on delivering rich and intense themes of Stranger Things, like friendship and supernatural adventure.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, development have potentially shifted away from the location-based mechanics to story-driven gameplay.

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