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Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town is a novel by Adam Christopher based on Stranger Things. The novel delves into Jim Hopper's backstory and is canon to the events of Stranger Things.[1] The novel was officially released on May 28, 2019.


When Eleven gets curious about unanswered questions, Hopper is forced to reckon with some long-buried secrets.

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  • The title of the novel is a direct reference to the song title of Bruce Springsteen's album Darkness on the Edge of Town, recorded from June 1977 to March 1978, the same timeline in which Hopper’s story is set.[2]
  • The city-wide blackout on July 13, 1977 of the story is a callback to the real-life electricity blackout that occurred in New York city on the same day[3], though the reason in the novel is fictionalized. The cover of the novel also hints at this incident with the tagline- "Lights out in the city that never sleeps".


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