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The following details the timeline of Stranger Things.





















  • Unknown Date - Project MKUltra is officially sanctioned by the CIA. Experiments begin at Hawkins.[2]



  • March - The Creel family move into their home in Hawkins. A month after the Creel family moved in, Henry Creel secretly begins harnessing his psychokinetic abilities, beginning with mutilating animals. Henry's psychic attacks on his family continues: he forces his mother to see an illusion of spiders filling the bathtub, causes his sister Alice to experience nightmares, and makes Victor see an illusion of a burning crib with a crying infant inside. While Victor believes it to be the work of a demon, Virginia recognizes these events were caused by Henry and calls Dr. Martin Brenner to take him away to a facility. In retaliation, Henry kills his mother and sister. When he tries to kill his father, he reaches his limit and falls into a coma. Victor is arrested and blamed for the deaths of Virginia and Alice. He is taken to Pennhurst Mental Hospital. Henry is secretly taken by Brenner to Hawkins National Laboratory, where his powers are studied and experimented upon. This is covered up by saying he had died a week after the deaths of his mother and sister. After hearing about Henry's "death", Victor attempts suicide by cutting his eyes out with razor blades. This attempt is unsuccessful and ends with him becoming blind.




  • Unknown Date - The last time a person committed suicide in Hawkins.[1]













  • September - Will and Mike meet in kindergarten and become best friends.


  • Unknown Date - On Jonathan's 10th birthday, Lonnie forces him to go hunting and kill a rabbit, making him cry for a week.


  • Unknown Date - Sara Hopper passes away from cancer in front of her parents, leading Jim and Diane to divorce.[6]
  • Unknown Date - Terry infiltrates Hawkins Lab in an attempt to get Jane back, inadvertently letting the original Three, Six, and 9.5 to escape. She is apprehended and forced to undergo ECT, resulting in Terry's catatonic state.[7]
  • Unknown Date - Kali escapes from Hawkins Lab.


  • Unknown Date - Hopper returns to Hawkins and becomes Police Chief.
  • Friday, September 7 - Eleven wins a telekinetic game against Two. But Dr. Brenner deduces Henry helped her and tortures him.
  • Saturday, September 8 - Dr. Brenner conducts lessons with Ten. Eleven removes Henry's Soteria from his neck. Regaining his powers, Henry murders most of the remaining Hawkins Lab's test subjects, including Ten. Henry gets banished into the Upside Down after being overpowered by Eleven in a telekinetic battle between them.





  • Unknown Date - Eleven breaks a Coca Cola can with telekinetic powers under the supervision of Dr. Brenner in Hawkins National Laboratory.[10] Eleven is forced to kill a cat, but can‘t do it. As she is about to get locked up, she kills two guards with her powers.[10] Eleven is made to repeat words a man in another room is saying, and manages to broadcast them on speakers.[11]


Unknown dates

The Flea and the Acrobat S01-E05 SS 001.png

Sunday, November 6

"The Vanishing of Will Byers"

Stranger Things 1x01 – The Monster on Mirkwood.jpg
The Vanishing of Will Byers S01-E01 SS 002.png
  • Will Byers is abducted by the monster.
  • Hundreds of homes in East Hawkins have surges and power outages.

Monday, November 7

The Vanishing of Will Byers

Stranger Things 1x01 – Hawkins Lab Scientists Flashlights.jpg
The Vanishing of Will Byers S01-E01 SS 003.png
  • Eleven walks into Benny's Burgers. Benny Hammond feeds her and calls social services.
  • Hopper and his team search the woods and find Will‘s bike. They go to the Byers home to investigate further, and Hopper experiences strange noises in the shed.
  • Agents arrive to capture Eleven and Connie Frazier kills Benny. Eleven escapes, killing two agents in the process.
The Vanishing of Will Byers S01-E01 SS 004.png
  • Joyce receives a phone call where she hears only breathing and growling, and is electrocuted by the phone.
  • Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson search for Will in the woods, but stumble upon Eleven.
Stranger Things 1x02 – Eleven brought home to Mike.jpg

"The Weirdo on Maple Street"

  • Mike brings Eleven to his home and lets her sleep in the basement for the night, nicknaming her "El".

Tuesday, November 8

"The Weirdo on Maple Street"

Stranger Things 1x02 – Eleven's Nosebleed.jpg
  • After searching for Will the entire night, the police and volunteers still have no clues, but continue their search throughout the day.
  • Mike stays home from school with Eleven and she recognizes Will in a photo. She demonstrates her telekinetic abilities in front of Mike, Dustin and Lucas.
Stranger Things 1x02 – Brenner in the Shed.jpg
  • Agents from Hawkins Lab, covering as Hawkins Power and Light, investigate the shed at the Byers' residence and find material from The Upside Down.
  • Jonathan Byers hangs missing posters at Hawkins High School and travels to his father to search for Will.
  • There is an assembly on the football field of Hawkins High School for the disappearance of Will.
  • Benny Hammond is found dead in his diner and it's been staged to look like a suicide.
Stranger Things 1x02 – Eleven explaining the Upside Down.jpg
Stranger Things 1x02 – Joyce in Will's Room.jpg
  • Eleven says Will is hiding, flips the Dungeons & Dragons board upside down and places the Demogorgon game piece on the board to demonstrate that he's hiding in The Upside Down and the monster is after him.
  • Nancy Wheeler and Barbara Holland go to Steve Harrington‘s party, where Barbara, sitting alone by the pool, is dragged into The Upside Down. Jonathan Byers takes pictures from the forest.
  • Joyce receives another phone call with strange noises. The lights intensify and the song "Should I Stay or Should I Go" plays from Will‘s room. The monster stretches through the wallpaper and Joyce runs out of the house.

"Holly, Jolly"

  • Barbara finds herself in The Upside Down where she is chased by the Monster.
  • Nancy and Steve have sex and Nancy goes home some time in the night.

Wednesday, November 9

"Holly, Jolly"

Holly, Jolly.png
  • Joyce hangs Christmas lights all over her house and paints the alphabet on the wall so Will can communicate with her. He tells her to R-U-N, and the monster breaks through the wallpaper.
  • Eleven leads Mike, Lucas and Dustin to Will‘s house and claims he‘s hiding there.
  • A body claimed to be Will Byers is found in the quarry by state trooper David O'Bannon.

Thursday, November 10

"The Body"

The Body S01-E04 SS 001.png
  • Mike is hurt to learn that Will is dead. But Eleven convinces Mike that he is alive as she makes contact with Will through the walkie-talkie. The boys give her a makeover and go to school to make contact through the AV Club's ham radio where they all hear Will's voice.
  • Nancy and Jonathan look at the photos he took, and Nancy recognizes the monster in a picture of Barb.
  • Shepard, a worker at Hawkins National Laboratory, enters The Upside Down attached to a security line, but is taken by the Monster.
  • Hopper talks to state trooper David O'Bannon, who found "Will's body" and discovers he's lying. He breaks into the coroner's, where he finds that the body is a fake, stuffed with cotton.
  • Joyce sees Will through an opening to The Upside Down in her wall.

"The Flea and the Acrobat"

Friday, November 11

"The Flea and the Acrobat"

  • Will's funeral is held. His father Lonnie returns to Hawkins, intending to make money from his death through a lawsuit.
  • Hopper finds a bug in his place and teams up with Joyce, admitting her that she was right about Will from the beginning.
  • Mike, Dustin and Lucas try to locate the Gate with their compasses, but Eleven distorts the compasses to lead them in the wrong direction to protect them. A fight breaks out, and Eleven knocks Lucas unconscious before escaping.
  • Nancy and Jonathan go searching for the Monster, and Nancy enters The Upside Down.

"The Monster"

  • Nancy returns from The Upside Down. Jonathan sleeps over at Nancy's place, which Steve sees when looking in her window.

Saturday, November 12

"The Monster"

  • Joyce and Hopper track down Terry Ives. Her sister tells them about Terry's involvement in Project MKUltra, and her belief that she had a daughter.
  • Nancy and Jonathan purchase weapons to kill the monster. A fight breaks out between Jonathan and Steve, resulting in Jonathan getting arrested.
  • Agent Connie Frazier visits Mr. Clarke at his residence and finds out about Mike, Dustin, and Lucas.
  • Lucas goes out on his own to locate the gate, and follows the false magnetic north indication to Hawkins National Laboratory.
  • Mike and Dustin are cornered by Troy and James and Mike is told to jump off a cliff. As Mike jumped, he is levitated to safety by Eleven in the nick of time, and she breaks Troy's arm. El falls to the ground and apologizes. Mike comforts & calms her and says she is not the monster as she saved him. Mike, Eleven and Dustin then reconcile.

"The Bathtub"

  • Mike, Dustin and Eleven flee from the agents that come to Mike's home.
  • Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven, Joyce, Hopper, Nancy and Jonathan break into Hawkins Middle School and make a sensory deprivation tank for Eleven to use. She finds Barbara dead and Will weakened in The Upside Down, and he disappears as the monster approaches.

"The Upside Down"

  • Joyce and Hopper are caught breaking into Hawkins National Laboratory, but Hopper reveals Eleven's location and promises to never reveal anything about the agents, and they are allowed to go.
  • Nancy and Jonathan set traps for the monster in the Byers' home. Steve arrives and they assault the monster with a bat and set it on fire, but it disappears.

    Mike reveals his feelings for her.

  • Mike invites Eleven to the Snow Ball and kisses her, revealing that he likes her. The agents come to Hawkins Middle School to capture Eleven, but she kills them. The Monster arrives, and before it could harm the boys, Eleven pins it to the wall. Eleven bids farewell to Mike and then disintegrates the monster, but in the process disappears herself.
The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 004.png
  • Joyce and Hopper enter the Upside Down and find Will as a host to a long tendril which Hopper pulls out of his throat and through his mouth. Hopper and Joyce perform CPR on him and he begins to breath. Joyce puts her oxygen apparatus on him and he is brought to Hawkins General Hospital. He wakes up later in the night to rejoin with his friends.
  • Hopper is picked up by a government car.

"Trick or Treat, Freak"

  • After defeating the Demogorgon, Eleven awakes in the Upside Down version of Hawkins Middle. She finds her way out via one of the Demogorgon's temporary portals and briefly appears to Mike's house. Realizing that the agents are looking for her, she hides out in the local woods.

Sunday, November 13


  • Mike begins his attempts to contact Eleven via his radio. He is unsuccessful, but persists for at least 352 days.

Unknown Dates

"Trick or Treat, Freak"

  • While hiding in the local woods, Eleven encounters a hunter. She knocks him unconscious using her telekinetic powers and steals his coat and hat for warmth.

Sunday, December 11

"The Upside Down"[14][15][16]

The Upside Down S01-E08 SS 003.png
  • Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas play Dungeons & Dragons in Mike's basement again, but Mike misses Eleven and keeps the pillow fort intact in regards to her memory.
  • Nancy and Steve give Jonathan a new camera for Christmas.
  • Hopper places Eggo waffles in a box in the forest.
  • Will coughs up a slug-like creature and momentarily phases into the Upside Down.
  • Eleven discovers food that Hopper has left for her.

Monday, December 12

"The Pollywog"[14][15][16]

  • While Hopper is again leaving food for Eleven, she reveals herself to him. He takes her to his grandfather's cabin and she begins living with him.

1983 - 1984

Unknown dates

  • Sam Owens becomes the new Director of Operations at Hawkins Lab.
  • Will begins to have appointments at Hawkins Lab to monitor any lasting effects of his time in the Upside Down.
  • Underneath Hawkins Lab, a secondary entrance to the Gate is formed. A series of interconnected tunnels, serving as an extension of sorts to the Upside Down, also begins to form below Hawkins.
  • Eleven lives with Hopper in the cabin who furnishes it to be her new house and develops a father-daughter relationship, but restricts her from seeing her friends for everyone's safety. 
  • The lab begins regular 'burns' on the Gate's original entrance, in attempt to stall the Upside Down's spread.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Holland hire Murray Bauman to investigate Barbara's disappearance.
  • Joyce begins dating Bob Newby.


Unknown Date

Thursday, June 28

Suzie, Do You Copy?

Monday, October 29


  • In Pittsburgh, Kali and her gang are pursued by local police.[17]
  • Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will go and play at the Palace Arcade. While there, Will has yet another vision of the Upside Down.

Tuesday, October 30


  • Max and Billy arrive at Hawkins Middle & High.
  • Will has another check-up appointment at Hawkins Lab.
  • Hopper investigates the mysterious degradation of Hawkins's crops.

    Mike attempts to contact El for the 352nd day in a row

  • Nancy and Steve have dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Holland and learn they have hired Murray Bauman to track down Barb. Nancy feels guilty.
  • Mike tries to contact Eleven for the 352nd day in a row since her disappearance, but in vain.
  • That night, Will has a vision of the Upside Down and sees a spider-like creature in the clouds.

Wednesday, October 31

Trick or Treat Freak

  • Hopper continues to investigate the quickly spreading crop degradation.
  • Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and Max go trick-or-treating. Will has another vision of the

    Will experiencing another episode.

    Upside Down, seeing the Mind Flayer. Mike takes Will back to Wheeler's basement where he explains about his vision, but pleads not to reveal it to anyone.
  • Steve and Nancy have a falling-out at Tina's Halloween party, sparking the breakdown of their relationship.
  • Eleven waits for Hopper to return to the cabin so they can celebrate Halloween together, but he loses track of time. She shuts herself in her bedroom and visits Mike telepathically, who was simultaneously trying to contact her.
  • When Dustin arrives home after trick-or-treating, he discovers a creature in the trash can outside his house.

"The Pollywog"

  • Dustin takes the creature inside and names him D'Artagnan, or Dart for short.

Thursday, November 1

"The Pollywog"

  • Hopper deduces the blight affecting the local crops is positioned in such a way that it forms a series of concentric circles, centered at Hawkins Lab. Hopper demands Owens and the lab investigate.
  • Dustin brings Dart to school hoping to impress his friends, especially Max. However, Dart escapes, making the kids spend the rest of the day searching him.
  • Eleven, having grown impatient, decides to leave the cabin to see Mike. She spots him from afar, but does not directly interact with him.
  • Nancy and Jonathan arrange to meet Barb's parents over the phone. Hawkins Lab intercepts the call.
  • Will has yet another vision of the Upside Down, in which the Mind Flayer traps him and latches onto his body.

"Will the Wise"

  • Joyce arrives at Hawkins Middle and takes Will home. She takes note of Will's increasingly strange behavior.
  • When Eleven returns to the cabin, she has a heated argument with Hopper.

Friday, November 2

"Will the Wise"

  • Nancy and Jonathan are forcibly taken to Hawkins Lab while waiting to meet Barb's parents. Owens warns them about the possible consequences of revealing what really happened to Barb in November 1983. Unbeknownst to Owens, the teens recorded his speech.
  • Will attempts to explain the Mind Flayer to Joyce and Hopper. He makes a series of drawings, which Joyce and Hopper join together to form a larger image. Mike goes to the house to see Will.
    Dart-stage 3.png
  • Eleven finds a box at the cabin containing info on Hawkins Lab. She finds Terry Ives' file, and decides to contact her via the Void.
  • Dustin returns home to discover a much grown Dart, feeding on the lifeless body of Mews.
  • Hopper theorizes that the drawings depict the vines and tendrils as seen in the Upside Down. He goes to one of the pumpkin patches and digs, until he finds himself in one of the underground tunnels.

"Dig Dug"

  • Hopper is sprayed with spore-like particles in the underground tunnels and loses consciousness.
    Https uploads card image 638521 daa1ca15-8639-4037-8fa7-689806bacdfa.jpeg
  • Will explains his connection to the shadow monster to Mike and tells the possibility that the monster might spy them. But Mike assures that they won't let it and he will be safe.
  • Jonathan and Nancy check in to a motel, where Nancy questions why nothing ever came of their relationship last year.

Saturday, November 3

"Dig Dug"

  • Will tells Joyce that he saw Hopper in the tunnels, and points out where he saw Hopper on his drawings, marking an X on the spot.
  • Hopper regains consciousness and continues his attempts to escape the tunnels, realizing the vines dislike

    Hopper is trapped by the vines in the Upside Down.

    fire. While resting a moment, vines entangle and trap him.
  • Lucas tells Max the truth about what happened last year, but she does not believe him.
  • Dustin traps Dart in the cellar and attempts to get help, but cannot reach anyone. Eventually he encounters Steve and enlists his help to kill Dart.
  • The lab discovers the soil samples from the infected pumpkin patches react adversely to heat, and do so with a hive mind.
    Terry Ives.png
  • Eleven hitches a ride to Terry Ives's home where she meets Aunt Becky and discovers her unresponsive mother. She is able to connect with her through the Void, but can only see the memories replaying inside Terry's mind of Eleven's capture and her subsequent failed attempt to retrieve her.
  • Jonathan and Nancy meet up with Murray Bauman and tell him the truth about Barb's disappearance. He decides the best way to take down Hawkins Lab is to publicize a "watered down" version of the story.
  • Bob arrives at the Byers' home and Joyce asks him to help to "find the X." Bob correctly realizes the drawings are a map of Hawkins and locates the X. They leave to find Hopper in the tunnels, where they are able to help cut him free. As workers from the lab arrive in the tunnels and torch it, Will experiences extreme pain and collapses to the ground.

"The Spy"

  • Will is rushed to Hawkins lab where he is sedated.
  • Dustin and Steve find that Dart has molted again and escaped the cellar through a tunnel.
  • Nancy, Jonathan, and Murray Bauman send out the evidence against Hawkins lab to national newspapers. After prodding from Murray, Nancy and Jonathan give in to their feelings for each other and spend the night together.

"The Lost Sister"

  • Eleven tells Becky what she saw in Terry's mind, and that she believes Terry wants her to find the girl who was with Eleven at Hawkins Lab as a child. Becky helps her find a picture of her, and Eleven is able to locate her psychically. Eleven steals money from Becky and leaves to find the girl.
  • Eleven arrives in Chicago and finds the girl, Kali, and her gang. Kali accepts her as her sister and the two swap stories about their lives and powers.

Sunday, November 4

"The Spy"

  • Will regains consciousness, but is found to be losing his memory,
    Chapter Six - The Spy.png
    recognizing only Joyce and Mike but not Dr. Owens, Bob or Hopper. Dr. Owens explains to Joyce and Hopper that Will has been infected with a kind of virus, and he is now connected to the hive mind.
  • Jonathan and Nancy leave Murray Bauman's and discover Will's drawings at the Byers home, with evidence that someone else has been there.
  • Lucas makes contact with Dustin and he and Max go to help him and Steve trap and kill Dart. Several Demodogs show up at the Junkyard (causing Max to realize that everything Lucas told her was true), but are called away by the Mind Flayer before they do any serious damage.
  • Acting through Will, the shadow monster tricks the Hawkins lab employees to check the tunnels. Mike attempts to warn them but he is too late. They are attacked and killed by Demodogs, who then turn to the lab itself.

"The Lost Sister"

  • Kali trains Eleven in using anger to focus her powers. Eleven locates Ray Carroll, and the gang makes plans to murder him that night.
  • That night, they arrive at Ray Carroll's house. Dottie and Axel begin looting while Kali and Eleven

    Eleven visits Hopper and Mike in the Void who are in danger.

    remind Ray of his crimes at Hawkins Lab and Eleven psychically chokes him. But seeing a photo of Ray with his children, Eleven changes her mind and lets him live and prevents Kali from shooting him.
  • Back at their hideout, the gang is ambushed by the police. They narrowly escape, but Eleven, after seeing visions of Hopper and Mike in danger, abandons the group to return to Hawkins and save her friends.

"The Mind Flayer"

  • The Demodogs invade Hawkins lab. Joyce drugs Will to make him unconscious, preventing the shadow monster on spying on them. Dr. Owens, Hopper, Joyce, Bob, Will,

    Hopper, Mike, Dr. Owens, Bob, Joyce and Will are trapped to watch the Demodogs swarm Hawkins Lab.

    and Mike take shelter in the security surveillance room as the Demodogs pursue them and the lab loses power.
  • Neil and Susan arrive home and notice Max missing. Neil sends Billy out to find her.
  • Steve, Max, Dustin, Lucas, Nancy, and Jonathan all arrive at the lab and realize Will, Mike, and Joyce are likely trapped inside the lab.
  • Bob leaves the surveillance room to reset the breakers. He succeeds in clearing a path for everyone to escape, but is killed by Demodogs in the process.

    Bob is viciously killed by the swarming Demodogs.

  • At the Byers house, everyone discusses options and realizes the shadow monster is similar to the Mind Flayer from D&D. If they can kill the Mind Flayer, they will also destroy its army.
  • They reason that Will may know how to defeat the monster. They plan to question him without the shadow monster discovering their location.
  • After camouflaging the shed at the Byers home, they wake Will up and attempt to reach him. Will manages to communicate through tapping Morse code and delivers the message, "CLOSE GATE."

Monday, November 5

"The Mind Flayer"[18]

To everyone's surprise, Eleven arrives and kills the Demodogs.

  • The Byers' phone rings, alerting the shadow monster to Will's location. Joyce drugs Will again, but the shadow monster already dispatches the Demodogs.
  • Everyone arms themselves and hears the Demodogs arrive, but none attack. After a dead Demodog flies through the window, the door is opened telekinetically, and Eleven surprisingly walks in. Mike becomes astonished to see her.

"The Gate"

  • Eleven reunites with everyone. The group decides that Eleven will close the Gate, believing this will kill the

    Mike finally reunites with Eleven

    Mind Flayer and his army. Before doing so, they realize they must force the Mind Flayer out of Will or else it will kill him, and decide they will do so by heating Hopper's cabin until Will's body is unbearably hot for the Mind Flayer. Hopper and Eleven leave for Hawkins Lab while Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy take Will to Hopper's cabin. Before leaving, Eleven promises Mike that he will not lose her again.
  • Billy stops by the Wheelers' house looking for Max, and flirts with Karen Wheeler before being sent to the Byers'.
  • Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Max hatch a plan to set the tunnels on fire, thus drawing the Demodogs away from Eleven and Hopper. Steve refuses this plan, but Billy arrives and the two fight. Steve is knocked unconscious by Billy, and Max finally ends the fight by sedating Billy. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Max take the unconscious Steve and Billy's car and leave for the tunnels.

    Eleven channels her strength to close the Mind Flayer's gate.

  • The Mind Flayer is successfully expelled from Will.
  • Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Max, and Steve set fire to the tunnels and escape outside.
  • While Hopper defends Eleven from Demodogs, she channels her strength and closes the gate, killing the remaining Demodogs.

Unknown Date

"The Gate"

  • Murray Bauman's report has succeeded in closing Hawkins Lab.
  • Barbara was given a proper funeral.
  • Dr. Owens gives Hopper a forged birth certificate for Eleven which states she is officially Hopper's daughter, Jane Hopper. Hopper convinces Owens to give Eleven a night out to attend the Snow Ball.

Saturday, December 15

"The Gate"

The kids enjoy the school dance.

  • The kids, including Eleven, attend the Hawkins Middle Snow Ball for the first time and dance together.
  • The Mind Flayer, still alive in the Upside Down, looms over the Hawkins Middle School.


Unknown Dates

  • The Soviet Union enacts their plan to finally perfect the Key. After covertly buying properties and land in East Hawkins, the USSR commences work on the construction of a secret Russian facility, as well as the Starcourt Mall which encloses it. Mayor Larry Kline is aware of the infiltration.

Friday, June 28

"Suzie, Do You Copy?"

  • Hopper intervenes after witnessing Mike and Eleven kissing.
  • Mike, Will, Lucas and Max go to Starcourt Mall and watch the preview of George Romero's Day of the Dead.
  • A power outage sweeps through Hawkins, affecting all the locations including Starcourt Mall.
  • At Brimborn Steel Works, a huge number of rats flock together for unknown reasons.

Saturday, June 29

"Suzie, Do You Copy?"

  • Dustin comes back after a month from "Camp Know Where". Mike, Eleven, Will, Lucas and Max surprise Dustin with a welcoming.
  • Rats scurry from across Hawkins in broad daylight to Brimborn, unbeknownst to the kids who are going to the hill to set up Cerebro to contact Suzie.
  • Hopper discusses with Joyce over how to handle the situation regarding Eleven and Mike's burgeoning relationship.
  • At night, Billy drives to meet Mrs. Wheeler. However, something hits his car. He gets out, only for the Mind Flayer to drag him down to Brimborn Steel Works to possess him.
  • Nancy works late at The Hawkins Post. She gets a call from Mrs. Driscoll who complain about the unusual behavior of rats in her house.
  • After Will, Lucas and Max leave Dustin behind, he manages to intercept a Russian communication via Cerebro.

Sunday, June 30

"The Mall Rats"

  • Joyce notices strange behavior of the magnets in Melvald's General Store. She reaches out to Scott Clarke to learn more about them.
  • Nancy and Jonathan visit Mrs. Driscoll who tells them she thinks the rats wanted to eat her fertilizer. She also shows Nancy and Jonathan one of the rats she caught and it's acting erratically.
  • Dustin visits Steve at Scoops Ahoy and tells him about the Russian message. Robin overhears their conversation and offers to help. She eventually manages to crack the code by the end of their shift.
  • Billy goes to work at the Hawkins Community Pool, only to find himself disoriented.
  • Hopper goes to Town Hall to talk to Mayor Kline about the Starcourt Mall protesters on the town hall lawn. While there, Hopper notices a strange man leaving Kline's office.
  • Eleven spend a day with Max together at the mall after Mike is forced to lie to her, straining their relationship.
  • While leaving the mall, Steve deduces a connection that bit of music heard on the Russian message is the same as a kid's ride in the mall. This leads Dustin, Robin and Steve to conclude the message was recorded inside the mall.
  • At night, Billy kidnaps Heather, taking her to the Mind Flayer in Brimborn for possession.

Monday, July 1

"The Case of the Missing Lifeguard"

  • Eleven and Max have a sleepover. While spying through the Void, Eleven witnesses Billy along with a frightened Heather. Eleven and Max decide to investigate it in the morning.
  • Joyce informs Hopper about the magnets. She theorizes Hawkins Lab has something to do with it and convinces Hopper to investigate the lab.
  • Max and Eleven check out the Hargrove house, but Billy isn't there. They learn about Heather at the community pool. Eleven goes into the Void to check her, but sees that she is in trouble.
  • Robin deduces that the Russian code refers to different locations within the Starcourt Mall.
  • At night, Joyce and Hopper breaks into the Hawkins Lab but find nothing. Hopper later gets ambushed by Grigori who then escapes. Joyce takes Hopper back to his cabin.
  • Max and Eleven visit the Holloway house. They find Heather alive, but she and Billy are acting peculiarly.
  • Heather helps Billy drug her parents, Tom and her mom. They take them to the Mind Flayer at Brimborn to turn them into his drones.
  • Nancy and Jonathan go back to Driscoll's house. They find Mrs. Driscoll eating fertilizer. She is later rushed to the hospital.

Tuesday, July 2

"The Sauna Test"

  • Hopper wakes up at the cabin. Joyce tells him about the hitman who escaped after attacking him. Her description jogs Hopper's memory about the man he saw at Town Hall.
  • Hopper and Joyce visits the Town Hall. After confronting Kline, Hopper learns the hitman is Grigori who works for the Russians to help them acquire Starcourt Mall and several farms near the Hawkins power plant.
  • At night, Hopper and Joyce resolve to check out the farms.
  • Mike manages to get Eleven and Max over to his house. Will reveals to the group about the Mind Flayer's presence in the real world. They assume Billy to be the new host of the Mind Flayer.
  • Nancy and Jonathan are fired from the Post by Tom.
  • At Scoops Ahoy, Robin notifies Steve and Dustin that the air ducts may help them get into the loading bay to check what the Russians are up to. They recruit Erica who goes through the ducts to open the door. The four find an unusual substance in one of the boxes. However, they become trapped in the room which turns into an elevator and descends.
  • Mike, Eleven, Max, Lucas and Will perform the sauna test to surmise if Billy is possessed by the Mind Flayer. The group lures Billy into the sauna to trap and heat him. Billy shows signs of his possession and breaks out. Eleven fights Billy but is overpowered. Mike intervenes, allowing Eleven to telekinetically throw Billy out of the pool. However, Billy escapes to Brimborn.
  • Nancy visits Mrs. Driscoll at the hospital. As the kids perform the sauna test, Nancy observes Driscoll behaving abnormally.

Wednesday, July 3

"The Flayed"

  • Hopper and Joyce find Alexei working in the basement of the Hess farmhouse. Grigori tracks them and a brief fight ensues between them. Hopper and Joyce take Alexei hostage and flee.
  • On the road to Illinois, Hopper's vehicle breaks down, forcing the two to walk through the forest taking Alexei with them.
  • In the Wheeler's basement, Eleven tracks Hopper and Joyce going to Illinois by the Void. The kids plan over what to do to stop the Mind Flayer.
  • Hopper borrows a man's car at 7 Eleven gas station and leaves for Murray's warehouse along with Joyce and Alexei. Murray reluctantly lets them in.
  • Grigori arrives at the gas station where he interrogates a clerk about Hopper.
  • Nancy and Jonathan meet the kids in the basement. The kids reveal that their sauna test confirms Billy's possession by the Mind Flayer, similar to how Will previously was. Realizing that Mrs. Driscoll also reacted similarly to Billy during the sauna test, they assume there are even more flayed, including Heather. They visit the Holloway house, but couldn't find anyone. They decide to visit Driscoll at the Hawkins Memorial Hospital to learn more about the source.
  • At the hospital, Nancy and Jonathan go to visit Mrs. Driscoll, but instead, they find Tom and Bruce, flayed by the Mind Flayer. They attempt to kill Nancy and Jonathan.
  • Dustin, Erica, Robin, and Steve reach the Russian HQ. They witness the scientists trying to open the Gate to the Upside Down.
  • Jonathan and Nancy manage to kill Tom and Bruce. Despite that, their bodies melt and congeal together into a bigger monster.

"E Pluribus Unum"

  • The monster chases Nancy until she is cornered in a room. The kids arrive and Eleven telekinetically tosses the monster out of the hospital. However, the remains of the monster seep back to Brimborn through the sewers.

Thursday, July 4

"E Pluribus Unum"

  • Grigori meets Kline at the Hawkins Fairgrounds in the morning and demands him to lure Hopper and Joyce to the Fun Fair.
  • Alexei reveals the Russians are trying to open the Gate.
  • Hopper requests the FBI to inform Dr. Owens about the Russians' plan to open the Gate and asks to bring back-up.
  • Robin and Steve are taken in as prisoners and interrogated by the Russians while Erica and Dustin escape into the air ducts.
  • Nancy, Jonathan and the kids go back to the Hopper cabin. Eleven goes into the Void. She sees Billy, who under the Mind Flayer's influence threatens to conquer Hawkins.
  • The Mind Flayer grows larger by absorbing dozens of his hosts and burst out of Brimborn Steel Works to confront Eleven.

"The Bite"

  • At the Hopper cabin, the group arm themselves against the Mind Flayer. After a brief fight that leaves Eleven wounded, the group escapes the cabin and takes refuge at Bradley's Big Buy.
  • Dustin and Erica save Robin and Steve. They make it back to Starcourt Mall, but hides in the food court when the Russians begin searching for them.
  • At Bradley's Big Buy, Lucas and Will take explosives as back-up against the Mind Flayer. While tending to Eleven's wounds, Mike apologizes to her. Dustin radios Mike for help but low battery interrupts their communication.
  • After El learns that Dustin is at Starcourt through the Void, the group head back to the mall.
  • Following Alexei's assassination, Hopper, Joyce, and Murray manage to evade Grigori and escape the Fun Fair. They pick up Dustin's distress signal and head to Starcourt.
  • The Russians corner Dustin, Steve, Robin and Erica, but Eleven arrives with the group and save them by flinging a car at the Russians. The group reunite with each other. Eleven collapses on the floor due to the pulsating wound in her leg.

"The Battle of Starcourt"

  • Eleven uses her powers to fling out the Mind Flayer's strange growth from her leg. This results in her becoming too weakened to evoke her powers anymore.
  • Hopper and Joyce arrive at Starcourt with Murray. They plan to close the Gate in the Russian lab under Starcourt while Erica and Dustin help guide them down.
  • The kids depart to take Eleven to Murray's warehouse, but take refuge back at the mall after being cornered by Billy. The Mind Flayer arrives at the mall, breaking through the roof and searches for them. As the monster closes in on Mike, Eleven and Max, it is distracted by Lucas's slingshot, giving the group time to evade it. But Billy confronts them and seizes Eleven to take her to the Mind Flayer. Yet, before it could possess her, Steve along with Robin, Nancy, Jonathan, Lucas and Will intervene the monster by throwing explosives.
  • Suzie provides the Planck Constant with which Hopper and Joyce retrieves the Key.
  • Eleven gets through to Billy and frees him of the Mind Flayer's control. Billy stands up to the monster, sacrificing himself to protect Eleven.
  • Hopper and Joyce reach the lab. Grigori intervenes and fights Hopper. Though Hopper triumphs, he ends up close to the Keys. Joyce is forced to shut the machine off. The machine explodes, killing the Mind Flayer. The shock-wave from the machine presumably disintegrates Hopper.
  • Dr. Owens and the U.S. military arrive at Starcourt and immediately takes over the Russian base.
  • Eleven realizes Hopper didn't make it back and gets devastated.

Unknown dates

"The Battle of Starcourt"

  • Kline is arrested and ousted as mayor of Hawkins.
  • The Cutting Edge releases a commercial for an investigative report that covers all of the strange events which occurred in Hawkins over the last two years.
  • At a prison in Kamchatka, the prison guards feed a prisoner to an adult Demogorgon. Hopper is also at the prison.
  • Eleven begins living with the Byers family.

Friday, October 4

"The Battle of Starcourt"

  • Steve and Robin get new jobs at Hawkins Family Video.
  • Nancy and Jonathan reconcile.
  • Eleven still doesn't have her powers back, but Mike is optimistic that they will return. They plan to see each other at Thanksgiving.
  • Joyce gives Eleven Hopper's letter for the "heart to heart" speech. Upon reading it, she gets emotional.
  • Mike, Nancy, Max, Lucas and Dustin help the Byers and Eleven pack up their house. They bid each other farewell, before moving out of Hawkins.


Friday, March 21

"The Hellfire Club"

  • Mike reads a letter from El detailing her new life in Lenora Hills.
  • During a pep rally at Hawkins High School, Jason Carver gives as speech dedicated to everyone who has died in Hawkins due to the strange events over the last few years.
  • Joyce receives a package from Russia containing an unsettling porcelain doll.
  • El gives a presentation about Hopper in class and is bullied by Angela.
  • Max visits Ms. Kelley in the counselor's office. Max explains her home life and lies to Ms. Kelley, saying she no longer experiences nightmares and headaches. After the session, Max finds Chrissy Cunningham vomiting in the bathroom, who urges Max to leave. Alone in the bathroom, Chrissy experiences a hallucination of her abusive mother pounding on the stall door.
  • Mike and Dustin try to ask Eddie Munson to postpone Hellfire Club since Lucas will be playing in the championship basketball game that night. Eddie refuses and tells them to find a replacement. After asking around the school, they eventually enlist Erica as their substitute.
  • Joyce contacts Murray, who advises she smash the doll. Once it's smashed, she finds a note claiming Hopper is still alive.
  • Chrissy goes to a secret location behind the school intending to buy drugs from Eddie. While waiting for Eddie, she experiences another hallucination of a Grandfather Clock, but is snapped out of it by Eddie's arrival. The two have a friendly conversation, and Chrissy asks if he has anything stronger than marijuana.
  • El is bullied by Angela in the courtyard, resulting in her diorama being destroyed and her being humiliated.
  • At the basketball game, Lucas is finally able to play due to an injured teammate and scores the winning shot. Meanwhile, Erica is able to win the Hellfire Club's D&D campaign by rolling a natural 20.
  • Max witnesses Chrissy and Eddie arrive at the latter's trailer home. Inside, Chrissy experiences another hallucination taking place in her house. When she tries to escape, she is approached by a strange entity. Meanwhile, Eddie, who had been trying to snap Chrissy back to reality, witnesses her float to the ceiling before all of her bones snap and her eyes are gauged out.

Saturday, March 22

"Vecna's Curse"

  • Chrissy's body is found. The police suspect Eddie as the one responsible for her murder.
  • Mike arrives in California and spends the day with El and Will. At Rink-O-Mania, El is publicly humiliated by Angela. El smashes her face with a roller skate in retaliation.
  • Believing Chrissy's murder may be related to the Upside Down, Max enlists Dustin, Steve, and Robin to help locate Eddie.
  • Murray arrives in Lenora Hills. He and Joyce call the number from the note and are told to go to Alaska if they wish to save Hopper.
  • Jason is questioned by the police and is told of Chrissy's murder. Believing Eddie the one responsible, Jason and the rest of the team, including Lucas, set out to find Eddie.
  • Nancy and Fred Benson visit the trailer park to investigate the murder for the school paper. Nancy speaks with Wayne Munson, Eddie's uncle, and learns of Victor Creel. Meanwhile, Freddy experiences hallucinations in the woods.
  • Max, Dustin, Steve, and Robin manage to locate Eddie, who is hiding in a house near Lover's Lake.
  • Freddy is killed by Vecna.

Sunday, March 23


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