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Stranger Things, Volume Two, usually listed as Stranger Things, Vol. 2 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack), is the second release in a two-volume soundtrack for season one of Stranger Things. It was released digitally by Lakeshore Records on August 19, 2016.

The album features original music composed for the series by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.

Track list[]

  1. Hopper Sneaks In
  2. I Know What I Saw
  3. Rolling Out the Pool
  4. Over
  5. Gearing Up
  6. Flickering
  7. First Kiss
  8. Crying
  9. Walking Down the Tracks
  10. Where's Barb?
  11. Speak of rhe Devil
  12. Danger Danger
  13. Tribulations
  14. Flashback
  15. Kids Two
  16. Talking to Australia
  17. Night of the Seventh
  18. See Any Rain?
  19. Coffee & Contemplation
  20. Inside the Black Room
  21. Starts to Rain
  22. Eleven Is Gone
  23. Time for a 187
  24. Something in the House
  25. Still Pretty
  26. Abilities
  27. Tendril
  28. They Found Us
  29. Bad Men
  30. Spiked Bat
  31. Making Contact
  32. What Do You Know
  33. It's Not My Boy
  34. Something in the Wall
  35. Let's Go
  36. Leap of Faith
  37. In Pursuit
  38. Breaking and Entering
  39. Stranger Things (Extended)