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The Starcourt Mall was a shopping center located in Hawkins, Indiana and a subsidiary of Starcourt Industries. The mall's opening in beginning of summer years 1985 was inaugurated by Mayor Larry Kline.

The shopping mall is very much a reference to the real shopping mall of the 80's, with the brands of the time, the design style of the building and so on.

Both Steve Harrington and Robin worked at the Scoops Ahoy in the mall's food court. The place quickly became a popular hangout for the main characters, though Eleven wasn't permitted to go there due to Hopper's concern about the excessive amount of people there. However, Max eventually persuaded her to go, insisting that with her superpowers, she had nothing to worry about.

Although Starcourt appears to be a normal mall at first glance, it was actually built as a front for a secret Russian base, which houses the first Key built on American soil. This base was hidden far underground. Starcourt Industries is also controlled by the Soviet Union.

Starcourt Mall was destroyed by a fire on night of July 4, 1985 and burned to the ground following the kids' battle with the Mind Flayer. At least thirty deaths, including Billy's and Hopper's, were falsely attributed to the fire due to intervention by the U.S. government.

But he did not hide the fact that Mayor Kline of the city is guilty of high treason in the USA and was arrested the days following the "terrible fire of the night of Thursday 4th to Friday 5th July 1985. "They also did not hide the fact that Hopper died a hero's death in the Indianapolis Gazette (writing "Hero chief dies in fire.").


"Starcourt Mall is Hawkins' first premium shopping center featuring many trendy shopping facilities, where families, friends and teenagers can come together to hang out, shop, dine and enjoy.[1]" - Starcourt Industries



  • The Gap
  • Sam Goody
  • Waldenbooks
  • Claire's
  • Zales
  • RadioShack
  • Kaufman Shoes
  • Jazzercise
  • Wicks 'N' Sticks
  • Regis Hairstylists
  • Lovelace Lingerie
  • Fine Perfumes
  • Camera Repair
  • JCPenney
  • JCPenney Home Store
  • SHAPES Activewear Outlet
  • The Game Player
  • Chess King
  • The Eyewear House
  • ESPRIT - Coming Soon
  • Spencer's Gifts - Coming Soon

Food Court

  • Scoops Ahoy
  • Hot Dog on a Stick
  • The Great Cookie
  • Teppanyaki
  • New York Pizza
  • Orange Julius
  • Burger King
  • Hawkins’ Heroes
  • Hot Sam Pretzels
  • Imperial Panda
  • The Nut Shack
  • Wyatt's Cafeteria
  • The Ground Round
  • Taco Bell - Coming Soon


  • Starcourt Cinemas
  • Time-Out Arcade
  • Flash Studio

Loading Area

  • LYNX Transportation

Behind the scenes

Starcourt Mall Directory, taken by a fan on-set.

The filming location for the Starcourt Mall was the Gwinnett Place Mall, located in Duluth Georgia. In preparation for filming, a portion of the mall was remodeled to resemble a mall from the time period, including several popular outlets from the '80s.[2]

During the filming of season three, many mall guests of the mall looked into the site through the separating curtain and recorded with their phones. This caused distress with the cast and crew.

The movie theater facade was built completely on the set.[3]

In celebration of the third season's release, an event titled the Starcourt Mall Experience was held at Tower Records in Hollywood, California on July 5-7.[4]


  • Kaufman Shoes, one of the stores at the mall, was created purposely for the plot of the third season and didn’t actually exist in 1985.[3]
  • The name "Starcourt" is a possible reference to the Soviet Union's star and sickle flag, which itself appears in the opening scene of "Suzie, Do You Copy?".