Stacey Albright[1] is a minor character introduced in the second season. She is a student in the same grade as the Party.



On December 15, Stacey attended the Snow Ball with her friends. When she was asked to dance by Dustin Henderson, she rejected him.


On June 30, Stacey went shopping at the Starcourt Mall . There, she, and several other girls, leered at El Hopper and Max Mayfield when El tried to walk in high-heel shoes. Later, El got her revenge when she caused her beverage to erupt and splatter all over her and her friends.


Stacey appears to be arrogant and conceited, traits that are likely a result of, and fortified by, her popularity. A primary example would be when she rudely rejected Dustin for asking her to dance with him, and was later shocked to see him dancing with Mike Wheeler's older sister, Nancy Wheeler. Months later, her behavior seems to have not changed, as displayed by how she appeared annoyed by El and Max's behavior.


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  1. Stacey's surname was revealed in the Hawkins Middle School Yearbook/Hawkins High School Yearbook
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