The Snow Ball was a festive school dance held annually at Hawkins Middle School.

In 1984, Mike Wheeler attended the dance with Jane Hopper, and Lucas Sinclair attended the dance with Max Mayfield. Dustin Henderson and Will Byers also attended the dance with their friends.



Mike Wheeler called the dance "cheesy" and had never gone, but decided to attend for the first time after meeting Eleven. He invited Eleven to be his partner to the Ball and she accepted. Their plans never came to fruition as Eleven vanished before the Ball took place.[1]


Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will all went to the Snow Ball as Eleven (revealed to be alive and officially adopted by Hopper), who was invited by Mike the previous year, also attended the event for the first time, with Lucas dancing with Max, Mike dancing with Eleven to the song "every breath you take", Will dancing with another unknown girl and Nancy inviting Dustin to dance. At this event Lucas and Max kissed, as well as Mike and Eleven.[2]


Behind the Scenes

According to Tim Ives, the Snow Ball dance would have had snowflakes falling "as a magical moment", but the performances of the kids convinced the crew that they didn't need any snow, noting that it was "so rock solid" .[3]


  • The Snow Ball dance at the end of Season 2 was one of the first things the Duffers had already mapped out when they began planning for the season, with the two agreeing they "knew that it was the destination they were going to go."[4]


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