Scoops Ahoy was an Ice Cream Parlor located in the Food Court of the Starcourt Mall. Both Steve Harrington and Robin worked there.



Steve applied for the job at Scoops Ahoy in the summer of 1985, where he officially met Robin. The party used Steve's new job to their advantage, where he would allow them to use the mall's back corridors to access the inside of the mall's movie theater, completely skipping the need for tickets.

After Dustin returned from Camp Know Where a month later, he went to Scoops Ahoy to get Steve to help him translate a Russian broadcast that he picked up on Cerebro. Robin ends up helping them, and they attempt to translate the message in the back of Scoops Ahoy for a whole day. Once they finally translated and decoded the broadcast, Robin hired Erica to crawl into the air ducts of Starcourt and unlock the door to the secret Russian elevator for them under the condition they give her free Scoops Ahoy ice cream "For life."


  • It was frequented by Erica Sinclair, who abused its free sample policy.
  • It was likely that Scoops Ahoy was highly regarded in Starcourt, as suggested by a Stranger Things 3 Starcourt Mall promo.[1]
  • Baskin Robbins sold Scoops Ahoy ice cream quarts as a part of their Stranger Things sponsorship.


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