A water-filled quarry was located in Hawkins, Indiana. It was run and operated by Frank Sattler of the Sattler Company.[1]


The entire depth of the quarry from the top to the water is approximately 200-250 feet, with the depth of the underwater being around 200 feet.



The Hawkins Police Department investigated at the quarry during their search for the missing Will Byers. Officer Callahan told Chief Jim Hopper that George Burness jumped into the quarry when he was drunk, but Hopper rebuffed it, saying that such a fall would have killed him. [2]

A body believed to be Will Byers' was later found in the quarry by state police trooper David O'Bannon, but it turned out to be a set up with a fake body by the agents at Hawkins National Laboratory.[3]

A confrontation between Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Troy, and James took place at the quarry during which Troy threatened to cut out Dustin's teeth with a switchblade unless Mike jumped into the water. To save Dustin, Mike made the jump, but was levitated back to safety by Eleven using her powers. She also broke Troy's arm. After Troy and James fled away, Mike, Eleven and Dustin reconciled together with a hug and returned to Mike's house.[4]

Behind the scenes

The filming location for the quarry was Bellwood Quarry in Atlanta, Georgia. It has been used as a location in many popular films and TV shows, including The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, and The Hunger Games.[5]


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