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This article is about the individual creature being held captive in Kamchatka. For the species, see Demogorgon (species). For other uses, see Demogorgon (disambiguation).

The Russian Demogorgon is a minor antagonist in the third season and fourth season of Stranger Things. The sixth stage member of the Demogorgon species that was held captive deep within the bowels of a Soviet Gulag in Kamchatka where it was fed prisoners, before being moved to where it could massacre prisoners in an arena.



Exactly how the Demogorgon came to be held captive in a Russian prison is currently unknown. Presumably, the creature was captured through unknown methods and taken to the Gulag on Kamchatka, where it was being used as a means to execute political prisoners.


After pulling a prisoner out of his cell, two Red Army Soldiers sacrificed a political prisoner to the beast.


A few months later, the Red Army decide to execute the remaining prisoners by locking them in a secure room with the Demogorgon. The Demogorgon kills all the prisoners except for Hopper and Enzo, who is able to repel the Demogorgon by wielding a fire-lit spear at it. This buys Joyce enough time to open the doors to the secure room and allow Hopper and Enzo out of the room. The Demogorgon attempts to pry the doors open when they escape, to which Hopper throws the now burnt-out spear into its mouth, which stuns it enough for the doors to close completely.

The Demogorgon is heard screaming in agony due to its wound, but then the screams die out. It is unknown is this is just the monster fleeing and the sound dying out, or if it has died.


The Russian Demogorgon is nearly identical to the Demogorgon from '83, the only discernible difference being that its skin appears paler in tone compared to its Western counterpart. While it's possible this is simply a unique trait of this particular Demogorgon, this may also be due to factors such as the environment or the Russians having washed or cleansed this Demogorgon for decontamination purposes. Like all members of its species, the Demogorgon's top “flower petal” mouthpart is smaller compared to the others and its skin appears to be coated in a slime-like substance.


The creature has displayed typical predatory behavior, immediately attacking as soon as it sees its prey.


The Russian Demogorgon presumably has all the same abilities that are characteristic of its species, such as immense strength and high durability. Interestingly, this Demogorgon likely does not possess the ability to create portals, as implied by how it has not escaped captivity.


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