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Ricky, also known as Three, is a character that appears in the Stranger Things: SIX prequel comic. He is a test subject at Hawkins National Laboratory.


Ricky's history prior to meeting Francine is a mystery. It is unknown how long he has been apart of the program and how long he has known Dr. Brenner. However, considering his positive views on the program, it can be assumed that he has been apart of it for most, if not all, of his life.


After a young girl named Francine became his next-door neighbor, he quickly struck up a relationship with her, quickly becoming her boyfriend. One night in 1977, Francine came over to his house and asked if she could stay with him. Ricky told her about Dr. Brenner, and how there is a place for people like her. After introducing Francine to Brenner, they lost contact at some point in time.


While Francine was on her way back to her room after an experiment, she saw Ricky in the hallway of the lab. After reacting with confusion, she pulled back his hand and saw the "3" tattoo stamped on his wrist. Realizing that he was apart of Hawkins Lab, she stormed off to her room in anger, with tears welling up in her eyes and punching a dresser. The next day, while eating breakfast with Jamie and Marcy, Ricky sat down next to Francine and tried to explain to her why he is apart of the program, but she brushes him off.


  • Emotion manipulation - Ricky has the ability to manipulate people's emotions, making them into liking him at will.


Volume 2 appearances
Stranger Things: SIX Issue 1 Stranger Things: SIX Issue 2 Stranger Things: SIX Issue 3 Stranger Things: SIX Issue 4


  • Ricky is currently the only male test subject that we have learned about.
  • While it has not been officially confirmed, it is hinted in the comics that Dr. Brenner is Ricky's father. This is based on not only a physical resemblance between the two, but the fact that in the comics, Ricky's father is never mentioned, while at the same time Ricky's mother is close enough to Brenner that she is able to personally get in contact with him and tell him about Francine and her abilities.
  • He's one of the earliest numbers like he's number 3 on his wrist.
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