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Ricky, also known as Three, is a character that appears in the Stranger Things: SIX, a comic series set prior to the events of Stranger Things. He was a test subject at Hawkins National Laboratory.


Ricky was born in 1960, with his mother being his only known or seen relative. It is currently unknown how he obtained his powers (possibly his mother doing experiments similarly to Terry Ives) , how long he was a part of the program at Hawkins Lab, or when he met Dr. Brenner, but considering his formal positive views of the program, it's likely he was incorporated into it at a young age.


In 1976, a family moved next door to Ricky's home. Their daughter, Francine, was Ricky's age. As she helped unpack the moving van, Ricky jogged up and quickly helped her, and they introduced one another. Francine had the ability to predict the future, and her predicting a lottery number for her abusive father caused the family to buy a better home.

By 1977, Francine, frustrated that her parents constantly used her powers for their own financial greed, became a regular guest at Ricky's home to eat dinner, as his mother was very welcoming. Sometime later, Ricky asked Francine to go to the prom with him, and she accepted. On prom night, however, Francine got into a fight with her father, who accused her of being selfish and hoarding her abilities. When Francine gets a vision of her father hitting her, Francine bolts out and finds Ricky outside. She tells him they need to leave and she'll explain on the way. Stopping at a diner, Francine tries to explain her abilities to Ricky and her struggles to control them. Ricky explains how it could be possible she could, and they go back to his home, hiding from Francine's father. Ricky's mother soon introduces Dr. Brenner, who explains he's part of a group that tests the human mind and what they're capable of, especially people like her. With no options left, Francine accepts being apart of the program, and she and Ricky lose contact for nearly a year.


While Francine was on her way back to her room after an experiment, she saw Ricky in the hallway of the lab. After reacting with confusion, she pulled back his hand and saw the "003" tattoo stamped on his wrist. Realizing that he was a part of Hawkins Lab, she stormed off to her room in anger, with tears welling up in her eyes and punching a dresser. The next day, while eating breakfast with Jamie and Marcy, Ricky sat down next to Francine and tried to explain to her why he is a part of the program, but she brushes him off.


A year after Ricky and Jamie's escape Brenner had implemented more children, of the telekinetic variety, into the program at Hawkins Lab, and he replaced Ricky with another child named "Three".


  • Emotion manipulation - Ricky has the ability to manipulate people's emotions, making them into liking him at will.


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