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The Party is a close-knit group formed by the four boys Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson, which now includes Eleven and Max Mayfield.

In November 1983, Mike, Dustin and Lucas encountered Eleven when they were investigating Will's disappearance. Within a short time, they befriended her and accepted her into the party. Later, in 1984, Max Mayfield also joined the party.



Shortly after Will went missing, the rest of the party began searching for him before stumbling upon Eleven, a girl with telekinetic powers. While Lucas was initially skeptical about her, Mike readily trusted her and accepted her into the party, not only because he cared for her but also she knew what really happened to their friend Will. Eleven helped the boys search for Will as she claimed that Will was "hiding." However, when they saw what to be Will's dead body, the boys gave up the search. However, Eleven manages to convince Mike that Will is alive by contacting him through Mike's Supercom. To convince Lucas and Dustin, Mike had Eleven contact Will at their school, using their AV Club radio. Eleven successfully managed to contact Will, who was trying to speak to his mother Joyce Byers to find out where he was.

From Will's description of his location being "like home, but dark, empty, and cold," the boys realized that Will was trapped in another dimension where it is a darker version of their hometown of Hawkins. Mike, Lucas, and Dustin learned from their science teacher Mr. Clarke that the only way to get into the Upside Down is through a Gate, a tear between time and space. The boys decided to look for the gate with their compasses, knowing the gate would have a strong electromagnetic field. However, Eleven used her powers to lead the boys away from the gate's location of Hawkins National Laboratory. This lead to a fallout between the four friends, with Lucas storming off and Eleven running away.

When Mike and Dustin realized that Eleven was really trying to protect them, they went out to look for her while Lucas went to find the gate. However, when Lucas arrived at the lab and noticed all of the armed government agents, he realized that Eleven was truly trying to keep them safe. Around the same time, Eleven saved Mike and Dustin from bullies Troy Walsh and James Dante and the three reconciled.

After evading the government agents who arrived at the Wheeler House, Lucas, Mike, and Eleven made amends with each other. As they hid in the junkyard, the kids were contacted by Mike's older sister, Nancy and Police Chief Jim Hopper who both discovered their situation. Mike revealed their location and Hopper came to their rescue. The kids would explain their discoveries to Joyce, Hopper, Nancy, and Jonathan once they arrived at the Byers House. After Eleven locates Will in the void, Hopper and Joyce leave to rescue Will while the kids stay at the middle school. When Nancy and Jonathan leave to try to kill the Demogorgon, the kids are ambushed by the government agents until the Demogorgon arrives. Eleven saves the boys and kills the Demogorgon, but vanishes, leaving her fate unknown.

Will was successfully rescued from the Upside Down and is reunited with his friends and family. A month later, during Christmas, the boys celebrate though Mike is still saddened by Eleven's disappearance and Will starts having visions of the Upside Down.


After Will's rescue from the Upside Down and Eleven's disappearance, Will started having visions from the Upside Down, including that of a shadow monster. The boys met a new girl named Max Mayfield and discovered her to be the arcade player "MADMAX" who beat Dustin's high score on Dig Dug. Both Lucas and Dustin developed crushes on her and welcomed her into the party while Will did not mind, but Mike grew annoyed as he did not want her to take Eleven's place. However, as the boys continued to keep secrets about the Upside Down and the truth of Will's disappearance, Max grew irritated and left the party. Lucas eventually told her the truth, but Max did not believe him until she saw an adolescent Demogorgon for the first time.

Will would become possessed by The Mind Flayer, causing the party to work together to find a way to save Will and Hawkins. Mike, Lucas, and Dustin would eventually reunite with Eleven who'd spent a year in hiding with Jim Hopper.

After freeing Will from the Mind Flayer and closing the gate to the Upside Down, the party attended their school's Snow Ball together. As they dance, Mike and Eleven form a relationship as does Lucas and Max.


Members & Their Roles


With the purpose of avoiding conflict and maintaining friendship among the party members, the four boys have formulated some rules, calling it, the Rule of Law.

Friends don't lie.

As said by Mike and Lucas, this is the most important rule of the party. Friends always have to stay true towards each other, no matter what happens. Eleven seemingly adheres to this rule quite often.

You draw first blood, you shake hands.

Obey the rule of law or be banished from the party.



  • The word "Party" is a reference to Dungeons & Dragons, as it is the term used by the game's rulebook(s) to describe a group of allied player characters.
  • Eleven is the only member of the Party to have possessed preternatural abilities.
  • Everyone in the Party except Will is in a romantic relationship.
  • Max is the first one to be seen driving, even though everyone is still young to even drive a vehicle.
  • Lucas and Mike are the only members of the Party who live with both of their biological parents.


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