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Nicole was a student at Hawkins High School and a friend of Steve, Tommy and Carol.



When Jonathan was developing photos in the school's darkroom, Nicole came in and greeted him. Nicole managed to get a brief look at the photos before Jonathan quickly grabbed them and left.

Nicole informed Steve, Tommy, and Carol about the photos and was present when they confronted Jonathan in the school's parking lot. She witnessed Steve break Jonathan's camera.

Nicole aided Steve, Carol, and Tommy in vandalizing the Hawk. She looked on as Nancy confronted Steve, and watched the fight between Steve and Jonathan. When the police arrived, she ran away with her friends as Jonathan was arrested. However, by the time Steve, Tommy and Carol had arrived at the gas station, Nicole had left their company.


Nicole got a invitation from Tina for her Halloween Party.

At Tina's Halloween Party, she dressed up as Ariel Moore from Footloose.