A warehouse located at 3833 Walker Drive in Sesser, Illinois is the residence of Murray Bauman.

The place was kept secured with a CCTV for video surveillance and was also surrounded by barbed wire fences, preventing the entry of unauthorized individuals.


  1. Residential satellites
  2. Garage
  3. Conspiracy wall
  4. Kitchen/Dining room
  5. Living room



After Nancy and Jonathan recorded Dr. Owen's confession regarding the cover-up of Barbara's death and the Gate, the two visited Murray at his residence. Murray showed them his conspiracy wall, and Nancy and Jonathan revealed the truth to him about what really happened in the November of 1983. The Warehouse is also where the two finally admit their feelings for each other, with the help of Murray's matchmaking skills.


Hopper and Joyce, on the run with their prisoner Alexei, visit the Warehouse because Murray was the only person Jim knew who could speak Russian. They stay at the warehouse, translating Russian secrets through Alexei and Murray until they return to Indiana to find their children.

Nancy, Jonathan, and the kids were later given keys to Murray's warehouse so they may have a place to stay hidden and safe. However, they never made it to the warehouse as Billy and the Mind Flayer cornered them inside Starcourt Mall.

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