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Mr. Holland is the husband of Marsha Holland and the father to Barbara Holland.



Mr. Holland went with his wife to talk to the Wheeler family following Barb's disappearance.


Mr. Holland and his wife decided to hire Murray Bauman to investigate Barb's disappearance; although this was a costly undertaking, even forcing them to sell their home, they viewed it as justifiable.

In late October of 1984, Mr. Holland and his wife invited Nancy and her boyfriend Steve to have dinner, where they told the teens about their hiring of Bauman.

After Nancy met with Bauman and exposed the lab, a cover story was put out to explain Barb's death. Although Barb's true fate was entangled with enigmatic supernatural forces, this cover story instead explained that an experimental chemical asphyxiant had leaked from the grounds of Hawkins Lab, and was the cause of Barb's death. Mr. Holland and his wife were understandably distraught. They held a funeral sometime in December.

Family Tree

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Mr. Holland
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Marsha Holland
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Barbara Holland


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