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The Hawk was a movie theater located in downtown Hawkins. Steve, Tommy and Carol sprayed derogatory messages on the front billboard, after Steve thought he saw his girlfriend Nancy sleep with Jonathan which caused both Steve and Jonathan to have a fight.


Hawkins General Hospital

Hawkins General Hospital was a hospital located in Hawkins, Indiana. Will Byers was brought there by his mother Joyce and Chief Hopper to recover after his ordeal in the Upside Down. While there, he was visited by both his mother and brother Jonathan, and his friends Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Lucas Sinclair.


Hideaway sign

The Hideaway sign.

The Hideaway was a pub located somewhere in Hawkins. Hopper went to this pub in order to question David O'Bannon about his discovery of Will's "body". When David refused to answer him, Hopper violently beat him outside the pub to get more information.

Later on, Hopper met with Dr. Owens at the pub where he received a forged birth certificate to adopt Eleven as his daughter "Jane Hopper".

Hunting & Camping

Ep6-Hunting store

The Hunting & Camping store.

Hunting & Camping was a store located in Downtown Hawkins where Nancy and Jonathan acquired their "monster hunting" supplies.



S1E2 - RadioShack

The Radioshack.

A RadioShack was located in downtown Hawkins, next to Melvald's General Store. Bob Newby ran this store.


Roane County Coroner

Roane County Coroner

Roane County Coroner was a coroner's and morgue located in Hawkins, Indiana, where Will Byers' corpse was stored. Chief Hopper broke into the morgue, cutting open the body with a knife. As he suspected, the body was fake and filled with stuffing.



Enzo's ST

The Enzo's was an Italian cuisine restaurant in Hawkins. On July 4, 1985, Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper made plans to go on a date to Enzo’s on Friday at 7:00, though their plans didn't come to fruition following the latter's unknown fate.


Town Hall

Town Hall

The Town Hall, located in downtown Hawkins, was the office of Mayor Kline. On June 30, 1985, a mob began protesting in front of the city hall to reveal their detest for the mayor and also for establishing the Starcourt Mall.

Later, Hopper confronted Kline in the city hall for his role in helping the Russians in their construction of the mall.


Kali's warehouse

Kali's abandoned warehouse

Kali's warehouse.

While residing in Chicago, Kali and her crew took shelter in an abandoned warehouse located in a rundown industrial area. After Eleven's psychic connection drew her there, she stayed with them for a while. Eventually, police attacks forced them to abandon the place and their paths diverted as Eleven decided to return back to Hawkins to save her friends.



Etowah is a river in Georgia. Benny Hammond and his friend Earl had plans to go fishing there before Benny's untimely death.[1]

Railroad Tracks

ST-Railroad Tracks

The railroad tracks.

The railroad tracks are located somewhere in the woods on the outskirts of Hawkins and is a path that leads to the junkyard. Mike, Eleven, Dustin and Lucas discovered the tracks while they were searching for the Gate.

In 1984, Dustin and Steve later walked along the tracks while searching for Dart.


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