This page serves as a list of minor items in Stranger Things. The items included on this page either didn't play a major role in the story, or there is not enough information to warrant a full article.




Eleven finds Mike's Supercom

Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will, each of the four boys own a walkie-talkie to maintain correspondence with each other. These walkie-talkies, better known as Supercoms, are reminiscent to the Radio Shack's Realistic TRC-214 brands.

Following Will's disappearance, Mike planned with his friends via the Supercom to search for him. After Eleven channeled Will's voice via Mike's Supercom, Mike and his friends concluded that Will was still alive in the other dimension. As the kids get tracked by the agents of Hawkins Lab, Hopper contacted the kids using Will's Supercom and helped them escape. Later, when Eleven disappeared for a time after a showdown with a mysterious monster, Mike attempted to contact her every night with his Supercom.



Bob's Video Camcoder

Bob had a JVC GR-C1 camcoder which he lent over to Jonathan who then lent to Will to film Halloween tape during trick-or-treating with his friends. While filming however, Will briefly experienced a vision encountering a shadow creature, causing emf interference. Fortunately, the interference from the tape helped Joyce deduce that Will was experiencing another episode.


Spiked Bat

ST-Spiked Bat

The Spiked Bat being used by Steve

Originally made out of Nancy's baseball bat by Jonathan who had stuck nails over it to prepare for a confrontation with the monster, the Spiked Bat became synonymous with Steve after his proficient use to fight the monster.

Steve continued to carry it ever since and later used it again to defend him and the kids during an encounter with the demodogs in the junkyard.


  • The Realistic TRC-214 brand wasn't available up until 1985, even though they were used by the show's protagonists in 1983.[1]


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