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This page serves as a list of minor items in Stranger Things. The items included on this page either didn't play a major role in the story, or there is not enough information to warrant a full article.

Chemical Substances

Russian Chemical Substance

The radioactive substance used to power the Starcourt Key.

In 1985, when the Soviet Union secretly arrived in Hawkins, they built a Key to open a portal to the Upside Down. The Russians also created canisters of a radioactive green substance, which were seemingly used to power the Key. The Russians secretly delivered the canisters of the chemical to their secret base underneath Starcourt Mall in the pretense of making deliveries to Imperial Panda and Kaufman Shoes. When the Scoops Troop discovered the Russians in Hawkins, they managed to get into the secret elevator room and find a canister of the substance, but they got trapped in the elevator before they could leave with the canister. They managed to get out of the elevator after some Russian workers took out some of the boxes, using the canister they took to leave the door open long enough to escape. Once they were free, the elevator door crushed the canister, revealing its corrosive nature, leading the Scoops Troop to discover the true use of the substance when they witnessed the Key opening the Gate.



Eleven finds Mike's Supercom

Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will each owned a walkie-talkie to maintain contact with each other. These walkie-talkies, also referred to as Supercoms, are reminiscent to the Radio Shack's Realistic TRC-214 brands.

Following Will's disappearance, Mike planned with his friends via the Supercom to search for him. After Eleven channeled Will's voice via Mike's Supercom, Mike and his friends concluded that Will was still alive in the other dimension. As the kids get tracked by the agents of Hawkins Lab, Hopper contacted the kids using Will's Supercom and helped them escape. Later, when Eleven disappeared for a time after a showdown with a mysterious monster, Mike attempted to contact her every night with his Supercom.

In 1985, both Eleven and Max Mayfield got their own Supercoms that they used to chat with each other and the boys. However, Dustin could not get in touch with his friends and neither of his friends could get in touch with him, as Dustin had discovered a Russian base underneath Starcourt Mall. When Dustin finally managed to get in touch with Mike, the batteries on his Supercom died, but his friends managed to get to Starcourt, saving him, Steve, Robin, and Erica from the Russians.


Bob's Video Camcorder

Bob had a JVC GR-C1 camcorder which he lent to Jonathan who then lent to Will to film trick-or-treating with his friends. While filming, however, Will briefly experienced a vision encountering a shadow creature, causing interference. Fortunately, the interference from the tape helped Joyce deduce that Will was experiencing another episode.

Forever Clock

The Forever Clock is a miniature windmill invented by Dustin during his time at Camp Know Where.

The Slammer

The Slammer is an automatic hammer invented by Dustin during his time at Camp Know Where.


Max's Skateboard

Max's skateboard

Max had a skateboard that she would use to travel to places. Her stepbrother, Billy Hargrove, later broke Max's skateboard in retaliation for being with Lucas Sinclair, though Max attempted to fix it with duct tape.

Max's New Skateboard

In 1985, Max appears to have gotten a new skateboard, presumably to replace her old one.

Mike’s Bike

In 1983, Mike had a bike that he used for transportation, such as riding from home to school. The seating was also big enough to allow another person to ride on the bike. Eleven rode with Mike on his bike as they searched for Will Byers and to escape from Martin Brenner and the government agents. In 1984, Mike continued riding the bike.

Mike's New Bike

In 1985, Mike obtained a steel drop bar bike, which he got because his old bike was too small for him.


Spiked Bat

The Spiked Bat being used by Steve

Originally made out of Nancy's baseball bat by Jonathan who had hammered nails into it to prepare for a confrontation with the Demogorgon, the Spiked Bat became synonymous with Steve after his he used it to fight the Demogorgon with great proficiency.

Steve continued to carry it ever since and later used it again to defend him and the kids during an encounter with the Demodogs in the junkyard. Max used it to threaten Billy in order to convince him into never mess with her or her friends again.


On July 4, 1985, Lucas Sinclair and Will Byers stole fireworks from Bradley's Big Buy to help Eleven fight the Spider Monster after she was injured. They proved to be useful as the fireworks managed to save Eleven and injure the Mind Flayer before Billy Hargrove allowed himself to be killed by the Mind Flayer.

Taser Prod

When Dustin and Erica were sneaking around the Russians' underground lab, they found a taser prod along with a cart, which they used during their escape. Dustin later used the taser on Dr. Zharkov, killing him.


Lucas using the Wrist-Rocket.

Lucas had a Wrist-Rocket slingshot. Lucas would use the Wrist-Rocket to fight enemies or protect his friends. In 1983, Lucas tried using the Wrist-Rocket against the Demogorgon, but it had no effect against the monster.

In 1985, the Wrist-Rocket finally proved to be useful to Lucas. He used it to save his girlfriend, Max from her Flayed stepbrother, Billy, and to keep the Mind Flayer from finding and killing his friends.


  • The Realistic TRC-214 brand wasn't available up until 1985, even though they were used by the show's protagonists in 1983.[1]
  • The Spiked Bat is similar to Lucille the barbed wire bat in The Walking Dead.