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This page serves as a list of minor characters in the third season of Stranger Things. This list will also include unseen and mentioned characters.



ST3 Adam.png

Adam is a young boy who ends up becoming one of the Flayed. Adam is summoned by the Mind Flayer during the 4th of July celebration, where his friend calls to him saying he's going to miss the fireworks. Unfortunately, Adam is killed and melted by the Mind Flayer to form his proxy body. Adam is portrayed by Drew Youngblood.

Anna Jacobi

ST3 Anna.png

Anna Jacobi was a high school graduate who frequently visited the Starcourt Mall. Steve tried to ask her out in a game he played with Robin. Later, Steve got angry when he saw her talking to Mike Lewenski. Anna Jacobi is portrayed by Erika Coleman.


ST3 Candice.png

Candice is Mayor Kline's secretary. Candice and Kline are having an affair which Chief Hopper is aware of. When Hopper threatens Kline to inform him about his relationship with Grigori, Candice becomes concerned for Kline but is stopped by Joyce Byers from calling security. Candice is portrayed by Allyssa Brooke.


ST3 David.png

David is one of the few victims to become one of the Flayed. During the 4th of July celebration, David is summoned by the Mind Flayer, as he was barbecuing food. His wife asks him where he's going, but he leaves the food to be burnt by the barbecue as he's summoned by the Mind Flayer. Once he arrives at the source, Brimborn Steel Works, the Mind Flayer kills and melts David, using his remains to finish his proxy body.

Unnamed Erica's Friend #1

Unnamed Erica's Friend #1 is one of Erica's Best Friends. She is portrayed by Alayna Burgess.

Unnamed Erica's Friend #2

Unnamed Erica's Friend #2 is one of Erica's Best Friends. She is portrayed by Kendall Denise Clark.

Unnamed Erica's Friend #3

Unnamed Erica's Friend #3 is one of Erica's Best Friends. She is portrayed by Jamieson Deacy

Fireworks Kid

Fireworks Kid.jpg

An unnamed child witnessed Adam leave the Fourth of July festivities. When he tried to get Adam's attention, he was confused when he was ignored. He is portrayed by Samuel Goergen.


Henry was one of the citizens in Hawkins who participate in the mob against Mayor Kline after the opening of Starcourt Mall caused several businesses in Downtown Hawkins to close down. After Chief Hopper was forced to stop the mob, Henry was handcuffed by Hopper as he angrily ranted that Kline forced him off his land by raising his property taxes. But Hopper continued to lead Henry into a police car, despite knowing that very well. Henry is portrayed by David Silverman.


Jill was one of Karen Wheeler's friends that visited the Hawkins Community Pool on a daily basis to flirt with Billy. During one visit, Karen asked Jill to watch Holly for her so she could talk to Billy in secret. Jill is portrayed by Lauren Revard.


Johnny was the boy who was running at Hawkins Community Pool. Billy blew his whistle when he saw this and he threatened to ban Johnny from the pool for life if he was ever seen running at the pool again. Billy also called him a "Lard-ass." Johnny is portrayed by Dylan Gage Moore.


Liz was one of Karen Wheeler's friends that accompanied her to the Hawkins Community Pool on a daily basis to flirt with Billy. Liz is portrayed by Cara Mantella.

Mike Lewenski

Mike Lewenski was a high school graduate in Steve's grade. Steve described him as "a meathead who never even came off the bench."

Unnamed New Cute Girl 

New Cute Girl was a teen girl in the front when Steve tries to pick up after he fail to go out with Anna Jacobi and Robin put another tally mark in the "YOU SUCK" Whiteboard. She is portrayed by Abby Glover.

Photographer Toby

Photographer Toby was a Photographer at Flash Studio in Starcourt Mall. He is the one who took pictures of Max and Eleven at Flash Studio. Photographer Toby is portrayed by Scott Deckert.


Parker was the Snooty Zales Salesman at Zales in Starcourt Mall. Mike asks him how much the little sliver teddy bear jewelry is. He does a snooty face at Mike then Mike, Lucas, and Will left because the little sliver teddy bear jewelry was $300. Parker is portrayed by A. Smith Harrison.


ST3 Ricky.jpg

Ricky was a cashier that worked at a 7-Eleven located in an unknown town in Indiana. On their journey to Murray Bauman's residence, Hopper, Joyce, and Alexei stumbled upon the convenience store. While they were stocking up on supplies, Ricky inquired if they were going to pay for their items. Sometime later, Grigori entered the same store and violently forced Ricky to disclose any information he had regarding the trio. Ricky is portrayed by Michael Silvio Fortino.

Unnamed Smaller Kid

Unnamed Smaller Kid was the kid who was bullied by Young Billy Hargrove.



Todd was a customer at a 7-Eleven. As he was filling his car's gas tank, the Police Chief of Hawkins, Jim Hopper, decided to take to Todd's car in order to get to Murray's warehouse in quicker. Hopper convinces Todd that he needed his car in order to bring Alexei, saying he's a child-murderer, to jail, which makes Todd give his car keys to Hopper. However, when Joyce Byers says he's a forger, Todd becomes unconvinced and watches as the trio drive off in his car. Later, when Grigori arrived at the 7-Eleven, he noticed Todd talking to the police. Later in the season, his car, the TODFTHR, is used by Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica, in order to get to Cerebro. Todd is portrayed by Dan Triandiflou.

Unnamed Government Man

ST3-Unnamed Government Man-Pat Gallaher.png

An unnamed government man was working at the 'Philadelphia Public Library' as an agent of Dr. Sam Owens. He was contacted by Hopper and Joyce to inform Owens to bring back-up to prevent the Russians' attempt in opening the Gate at Starcourt Mall. He is portrayed by Pat Gallaher.

Unnamed Hawkins Post Journalist #1

Fat HP Journalist (2).jpg

An unnamed man who works at the Hawkins Post as a journalist. He is obese and wears glasses while he smokes cigars. Like his boss Tom Holloway and co-worker Bruce Lowe, he cruelly mocks and belittles Nancy Wheeler. He was portrayed by the late Olan Montgomery.

Unnamed Hospital Receptionist

An unnamed woman was working as a hospital receptionist at Hawkins Memorial Hospital. She would only allow family members and two visitors at a time to visit those they're close or related to at the hospital. When she's not approached by anyone, she spends her time talking and gossiping over the phone. She is portrayed by Chantell D. Christopher.

Unnamed Lynx Delivery Man

An unnamed man who works for Lynx Transportation in making deliveries to Starcourt Mall. He made a delivery to Robin Buckley who noticed his work uniform and the symbol of a "silver cat" on it, thus helping her solve and crack the secret Russian code. It is unknown if the delivery man is Russian or simply aligned with the Russians. He is portrayed by Daryn Kahn.

Unnamed Lynx Security Guard #1

An unnamed security guard who worked for Lynx Transportation which is secretly aligned to the Russian government and Starcourt Industries. The guard is Russian himself and helps deliver dangerous substances to the secret base underneath Starcourt Mall to power the key. The guard nearly spotted and caught Dustin Henderson, Steve Harrington, and Robin Buckley when they spied on the Russians delivering boxes to the secret elevator before they escaped. Later, after Dustin, Steve, Robin, and Erica Sinclair manage to break in and escape the base, the guard and his cohort gave chase to kill them. When the guard and his team manage to trap the kids in the mall, the guard found their hiding spot where he and his comrades nearly killed them until they were stopped by the arrival of Dustin's friends where Eleven used her powers to kill the guards with a displayed car. He is portrayed by Anthony Belevtsov.

Unnamed Lynx Security Guard #2

Another unnamed Russian security guard working for Lynx Transportation in delivering dangerous substances to the secret base underneath Starcourt Mall, in order to power the Key. The guard opens the door to the elevator for the delivery boxes to be put inside while carrying a massive gun. After Scoops Troop broke in and escaped the base, the guard and his cohort pursued them. After managing to trap them inside the mall, the guard and his comrades nearly killed them until they were stopped by the arrival of Dustin's friends where Eleven used her powers to kill the guards with a displayed car. He is portrayed by Zac Zedalis.

Unnamed Pool Manager

ST3 Pool Manager.png

An unnamed pool manager was the head of the Hawkins Community Pool. He chatted sassily with El and Max while they were searching for Heather. He is portrayed by Sean Michael Weber.

Unnamed Russian Scientist

Russian Scientist.jpg

An unnamed Russian scientist was one of the two scientists, along with Alexei to build and operate a Key in Russia in 1984. However, when the Key failed to open a portal to the Upside Down, the scientist was coldly executed by Grigori, on Stepanov's orders as Alexei watched. He is portrayed by Yasen Peyankov.

Winnie Kline


Winnie Kline is the wife of Mayor Larry Kline. She's unaware of her husband's affair with his secretary and possibly his shady dealings with the Russians working in Starcourt Mall. Despite this, Winnie is shown to care for her husband when she finds him handcuffed to the bed by Hopper. She's also one of Karen Wheeler's friends that accompanied her to the Hawkins Community Pool on a daily basis to flirt with Billy. Winnie Kline is portrayed by Caroline Arapoglou.

Unseen or Mentioned

Beth Wildfire

Beth Wildfire was the goalie of Robin's soccer team. Robin recounted the time when Beth split her leg open during a soccer game as the Party attempted to get a piece of the Mind Flayer out of Eleven's leg. However, Steve told her that she wasn't helping to make the situation better and Robin apologized for sharing the story.

Jack Driscoll

Jack Driscoll is the late husband of Doris Driscoll. According to Doris, he died in 1975.

Jack Sinclair

Jack Sinclair is the uncle of Lucas and Erica Sinclair. Erica mentioned having to go to his party, to which Steve replied he doesn't care about her Uncle Jack.

Mrs. Click

Mrs. Click was a history teacher at Hawkins High School. Both Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley were students in her class. Robin and her bandmates would call her Mrs. "Clickety Clackity."

Petey the Mall Cop

Petey the Mall Cop is a cop guarding the Starcourt Mall. He is mentioned by Steve Harrington whilst joking to Dustin Henderson when he was attempting to figure a way out of the Russian elevator they were trapped in: "What? Do you think Petey the Mall Cop is gonna rappel down here and save the day?"

Tammy Thompson

Tammy Thompson was a classmate of Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley in Hawkins High School. Robin had a crush on her, but Tammy was attracted to Steve, making Robin jealous. According to Steve, Tammy wants to be a singer and go to Nashville, Tennessee, but lacks musical talent. She is apparently a redhead.


Tina is a friend of Erica Sinclair. Erica mentioned to be at Tina's for a sleepover but says that Tina always covers for Erica when she is not around, to which Steve replies he doesn't care about Tina.


Wendy was a friend of Billy's mother.