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This page serves as a list of minor characters in the second season of Stranger Things. This list will include unseen and mentioned characters.



Officer Adams.png

Adams was a police officer working in Pittsburgh. On October 28, 1984, he helped pursue Kali and her gang. Kali used her abilities to deceive Adams into believing a tunnel she and her group entered had collapsed so that they could escape. In response, Adams stopped his car, causing the other officers chasing the gang to crash into it. He is portrayed by Alan Boell.



Darrel worked as a clerk at Oscar's Gas n' Go. Kali distracted him with one of her illusions so the rest of her gang could steal from the store. He is portrayed by Keith Brooks.

Doctor Owens' Assistant

Dr Owens Assistant.png

An unnamed woman assisted Dr. Owens at Hawkins Lab. She is portrayed by Lauren Halperin.



Doris is a secretary of Hawkins Middle School. When Will Byers did not return home, Joyce Byers called the school and Doris answered; She told her that Mr. Clarke's class is probably over, so Joyce left for the school in a hurry. Doris is portrayed by Suzanne Jordan Roush.

Mindy Novak

S2E1 A girl blowing a bubblegum.jpg

Mindy Novak is a student at Hawkins Middle School. She is shown in Mr. Clarke's class, blowing her bubblegum when chewing it. When he said "billion", her bubblegum popped in her mouth. When Max comes in, she is still chewing her gum. She is portrayed by an unknown actress. In the Hawkins Middle School Yearbook/Hawkins High School Yearbook, her name is revealed to be Mindy Novak, despite being an unnamed character in the show and is shown to be a bubble blower. Her name is a combination between Mindy Kaling and B. J. Novak.



Mandy is a student at Hawkins Middle School. She is shown walking in the hallways where Will Byers noticed a picture of him with "X"s on his eyes and the words "ZOMBIE BOY" vandalized on it. She wears glasses, a yellow portfolio, a composition notebook that says "Mandy", her name, on it and wears a light blue blouse. She was also shown in Mr. Clarke's class.

Samantha Stone


Samantha Stone is a student at Hawkins High School. She attended Tina's Halloween party where she met and had a brief conversation with Jonathan. She is portrayed by Shea Jones.

In the Hawkins Middle School Yearbook/Hawkins High School Yearbook, her last name is "Stone". Her favorite subject is Art. Her career goal is to be a graphic designer.

Tracy Tyler

S2E1 A girl with a paper fortune teller.jpg

Tracy Tyler is a student at Hawkins Middle School. In "MADMAX", she is in Mr. Clarke's class while she plays with her fortune teller. In "Trick or Treat, Freak", she is shown in the hallway while she was wearing glasses. She is portrayed by an unknown child actress.

In the Hawkins Middle School Yearbook/Hawkins High School Yearbook, her name is revealed to be Tracy Turner.


Flamethrower Soldier.jpg

Teddy was a soldier at the Hawkins Lab who assisted Dr. Owens to burn the vines that started spreading from the Gate in 1984. He was portrayed by David A MacDonald.



Tews is a Siamese kitten adopted by Claudia Henderson and her son Dustin, which lived with them at their home. Following the death of the Hendersons' previous cat Mews in late 1984, they began adopting Tews.

Unnamed Drunk Teen #1

An unnamed teen was a student at Hawkins High School who attended the Halloween party ran at Tina's house. He was portrayed by Cody Pressley.

Unnamed Elderly Woman

Elderly Woman.png

An unnamed woman sat and spoke to Eleven while on a bus heading back to Hawkins. She is portrayed by Avis-Marie Barnes.

Unnamed Homeowner


An unnamed woman resided in Hawkins. Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will stopped by her house while trick-or-treating. She mistook their Ghostbusters costumes as exterminator costumes. She is portrayed by Lynne Ashe.

Unnamed Hunter


An unnamed hunter encountered Eleven in the woods. Eleven attacked him, rendering him unconscious and stealing his clothing. He is portrayed by Alex Van.

Unnamed Math Teacher

Math Teacher.png

An unnamed woman taught at Hawkins Middle School. While looking for Dart, Lucas kicked down the door to her classroom. She is portrayed by Donna Wright.

Unnamed Mother and Child

Mother and child.png

An unnamed mother and child resided in Hawkins. Eleven encountered them after she had left the cabin in order to visit Mike. When the woman inquired about her parents, Eleven didn't answer, instead asking the woman where Hawkins Middle School was located. Before leaving, she used her powers to manipulate the swing, frightening them and prompting the woman to call the police. They were portrayed by Bethany DeZelle (mother) and Harper Cavanaugh (child).

Unnamed Motel Owner

Ep5-Motel employee.png

An unnamed woman owned the motel where Nancy and Jonathan stayed during their trip to Murray Bauman's warehouse. She was portrayed by Virginia Kirby.

Unnamed High School Student

An unnamed teen was a student at Hawkins High School who attended the Halloween party at Tina's house and participated in the basketball games. He was portrayed by Drew Scheid, but was credited in Trick or Treat, Freak as "Drunk Teen #2".

Unnamed Radar Technician

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An unnamed woman was a former radar technician and scientist at the Hawkins National Laboratory, working under the supervision of Sam Owens. She was present in the control room just moments before the assault on Hawkins by the Demodogs. When the alarm was sounded by Owens, she, along with other scientists, attempted to evacuate the lab. She was was ultimately killed along with her colleagues. She is portrayed by Helen Abell.

Unnamed Truck Driver

Unnamed Truck Driver.png

An unnamed driver drove Eleven to her mother's house at 515 Larrabee with his truck. He was portrayed by Ben Taylor.

Unnamed TV Reporter

An unnamed woman appeared on the local news as the TV reporter of Hawkins, who reported the cover-up of the death of Barbara Holland by the Hawkins National Laboratory. She is portrayed by Orelon Sidney.

Vicki Carmichael


Vicki Carmichael is a student at Hawkins High School. She, along with Tina and Carol, witnessed Billy arrive on the morning of his first day at the school. She is portrayed by Abigail F. Cowen.

In the Hawkins Middle School Yearbook, her last name is "Carmichael". Her favorite subject is Geometry. Her career goal is to be a aerobics instructor. She was shown as the "Most Likely to Steal Your Man".



Yurtle is Dustin's pet tortoise. At first, he is portrayed by a Russian tortoise, but later in the show he is a young sulcata tortoise. This is a continuity error. He was temporarily evicted from his terrarium so it could house Dart, a strange creature Dustin found in the trashcan outside his house. Yurtle was later seen in a new terrarium as the old one is broken. In 1985, when Dustin came back from Camp Know Where, Yurtle was happy when he got home then his toys were controlled by Eleven.


Sam Mayfield

Sam Mayfield[1] was the ex-husband of Susan Hargrove, and the father of Maxine Mayfield. Susan and Max moved to Hawkins with Susan's new husband Neil, and his son Billy. Max didn't blame her father for the events that led to them moving to Hawkins. According to Max, her father still lived in California.


Stacey is a friend of Nancy Wheeler. Needing a cover in order to carry on her plan in exposing Hawkins National Laboratory for the death of Barbara Holland, Nancy asked her mom if she could "spend" the night at Stacey's which her mom said yes to.

Mr. Cooper

Mr. Cooper was a teacher at Hawkins High School. On one occasion, he caught a young Hopper and Joyce smoking. According to Hopper, he retired in the '70s.