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Mews was a cat owned by the Henderson family, which lived with them in their house in Hawkins, Indiana. She was especially loved by Claudia Henderson. Sadly, she was killed and partially eaten by D'Artagnan, a creature Dustin Henderson had adopted after finding it in the trash can. She was replaced by another cat, Tews at the end of Season 2.



Mews was adopted at some point by the Henderson family. Claudia Henderson cared very much about the cat.


Mews was killed and partially eaten by D'Artagnan who ate her body in order to grow larger. Her body was discovered by Dustin. Dustin hid Mews's death from his mother and sent her to search for the cat in another neighborhood, giving her hope that she was still alive. Dustin eventually buried Mews's body in his yard. She was replaced by another cat, Tews.



Claudia Henderson

Claudia was an owner of Mews. She cared very much for her cat and was devastated when she went missing.

Dustin Henderson

Dustin was an owner of Mews who covered up her death after discovering Dart (almost fully grown) eating her Corpse. He seemed like he didn't care for Mews as much as Claudia Henderson did.


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