Merill's Pumpkin Patch was one of the pumpkin farms located in the outskirts of Hawkins, Indiana. The pumpkin patch became the entryway to the Hawkins Tunnel System after Chief Jim Hopper dug a big hole underneath it.



On October 30, 1984, the day before Halloween, a local farmer Merrill reported to the Hawkins Police Department that his pumpkin patch became contaminated and accused another local farmer, Eugene for poisoning his farm. Jim Hopper investigated Merrill's farm, only to find a strange rot that had destroyed all of the pumpkins.

The following day, when Hopper questioned Eugene, he denied any involvement in the rot and instead accused Merrill for poisoning his as well as several local farmers' pumpkin patches. Hopper later went to Eugene's farm and discovered that the pumpkins were succumbed to the same rot.

After realizing that the rot was actually originating from Hawkins National Laboratory, Hopper convinced Dr. Sam Owens to send a team of scientists to test the contaminated pumpkin patches for any leak from the lab.[1]

As soon as Hopper assembled Will's scribbles and theorized that the complete image depicted a series of vines spreading under Hawkins which is similar to the rotting of the pumpkins, he returned back to one of the dead pumpkin patches and began digging out a hole. At night, Hopper completed digging out the ground and surprisingly discovered a massive network of tunnels that were corrupted by the Upside Down.[2]

Following a vision that led Will to know Hopper was trapped in the tunnels, he along with Joyce, Bob, and Mike went to the pumpkin patch to save Hopper. The soldiers from the lab also arrived at the place to burn the corruption. However, as they burned the tendrils, Will began convulsing on the ground in pain. They rushed him back to the lab.

Later on, Steve along with Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Max reached the patch to enter the tunnels in order to assist Hopper and Eleven in their mission of closing the Gate.

Farm Owners

  • Merrill
  • Eugene
  • Jack O'Dell
  • Pete Freeling
  • Rick Neary
  • Other local farmers

Behind the Scenes

The filming location of the Pumpkin Patch was the the 628 Sleepy Hollow Road of Powder Springs in Atlanta, Georgia.[3]



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