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Marcy, also known as 9.5, is a character that appears in Stranger Things: SIX. She and her twin sister, Jamie, were Hawkins Lab test subjects.


Marcy and her twin sister Jamie were born in 1969 to their unnamed parents who were very abusive to them. Marcy and Jamie have few happy memories of their past, remembering a time they went to a fancy toy shop with their parents and recalling how one Easter how they got to pick out stuffed animals, with the girls picking out a stuffed rabbit and lamb. At some point in her life, Jamie discovered she had the ability to generate heat and fire, whereas Marcy was powerless. Martin Brenner, a scientist running a program for children with special abilities at Hawkins National Laboratory in Indiana, approached the twin's parents to help Jamie control her powers, but her parents refused.


Jamie's powers proved to be too powerful to control, as it caused her family's home to be engulfed in flames. Marcy and Jamie were the only people to survive the fire, and they were soon brought to Hawkins Lab by Brenner. After being told that he could help Jaime control her abilities, she accepts his offer to join his program. Marcy is implemented into the program to keep Jaime happy, despite her lack of supernatural powers. Jaime is given the number "Nine" while Marcy is given the number "9.5", and each get a tattoo of their respective number on their wrist where they started being experimented on alongside Three, Six, Eight, and Eleven and presumably other children possessing supernatural abilities.


In 1978, she sat in on one of her Sister's experiment with Dr. Brenner, Six, and Three. During the experiment, however, Jamie lost control of her powers and burned a lab technician to death from the inside out. Jamie was placed in a coma, and Marcy stood by her side.

The next day, when Francine was in the hospital, Marcy went over to Francine and lay next to her in the hospital bed. After sleeping for a few hours, she was woken up by Francine, who told her that she was going to have to say goodbye to her sister, and that in case anybody is watching, nobody could realize it. Marcy went over and said goodbye to her sister, and then suddenly an alarm started blaring throughout the lab. She followed Francine as they ran through the lab, soon meeting up with Ricky, and all three of them ran through the lab and down into the basement, soon making it to the parking lot. Before they could get to the woods, however, they were stopped by Connie Frazier and a group of security guards pointing their guns at them. Marcy watched in horror as Francine jumped in front of her and Ricky, getting shot and falling to the ground. She escaped into the woods alongside Ricky, telling him how Francine promised that she would watch out for her, with tears streaming down her face.


  • Marcy is the only test subject in Hawkins Lab who is known to not have powers.
  • Marcy is the younger twin, as test subjects are sorted by birth order.


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