A senior research scientist frequently worked beside Dr. Brenner at Hawkins National Laboratory.


Experiments at Hawkins

The scientist, along with Brenner and two other lab workers, observed test subject Eleven as she crushed a cola can with her psychic powers. The scientist was also present at a later experiment, in which Eleven was tasked with injuring or killing a cat with her powers.

Another experiment was set up in a large underground room, in which Eleven was lowered into a sensory deprivation tank; whilst in the tank, she could enter a mental void through which she could reach out to other living creatures. The lead scientist, along with another unnamed scientist, assisted Brenner in a control booth. Somehow the voices and noises of whoever and whatever Eleven encountered in her Void were relayed through the speakers in the control booth, allowing the three men to also listen in.

For this experiment, Eleven was tasked with eavesdropping on a Russian agent. As she listened in, the scientists could also hear his voice over the speakers. However, Eleven became distracted by something, making strange, guttural sounds. Upon hearing these noises, the scientists became confused. The lead scientist asked Brenner "What is that?", to which Brenner simply replied, "I have no idea". Eleven became terrified and desperate to leave, snapping out of the Void and banging on the side of the tank.

Despite Eleven's deep dread, Brenner's curiosity got the better of him. He decided to conduct the experiment once more, with Eleven being lowered into the tank and the three scientists returning to the booth. At the request of Brenner, Eleven "made contact" with the creature. In this moment, a gateway to the monster's dimension cracked upon in the wall of the room, sending Eleven and the lab workers into a manic frenzy, resulting in the death of at least one scientist.


One day later, the scientist updated Brenner on the status of the laboratory as he prepared to examine the newly opened gateway.


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