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A lead agent worked at Hawkins National Laboratory assisting Dr. Martin Brenner.



On November 7, 1983, the lead agent was one of several personnel who accompanied Dr. Brenner in his investigation of the newly quarantined section of Hawkins Lab. There, they looked on at a newly opened gateway to an alternate plane of reality.

That night, the lead agent, fellow agent Connie Frazier, and various other agents, accompanied Brenner once more as he attempted to re-capture the escaped test subject Eleven. The girl had found shelter at Hawkins' local diner; Benny, the diner owner, was caring for her. Benny had called Social Services to pick Eleven up, but the lab had intercepted the call. Agent Frazier greeted Benny, playing the role of social worker, before proceeding to shoot and kill him. Brenner and the other agents then entered the diner, but Eleven had already fled.

The lead agent assisted Brenner as he listened back to unusual audio transmissions, which had relayed between Hawkins Middle and the Byers family household the previous day. The lead agent and a fellow agent investigated, driving out to the school in a "Hawkins Power & Light" van, with the fellow agent posing as a repairman. The fellow agent examined the school's Heathkit before returning in the van with the lead agent to report their findings.

Brenner and the agents came to the Wheeler house, looking for any evidence relating to Eleven.

After Chief Hopper revealed Eleven's location, Brenner and the agents immediately made their way to Hawkins Middle. Although Agent Frazier and various other agents trapped Eleven and her friends, she used her psychic powers to crush their brains and kill them. However, Eleven collapsed soon after, drained of energy.

Brenner and a group of other agents, including the lead agent, soon found the kids; Brenner talked to Eleven as her friends were restrained by guards. The blood spilling from the corpses of agents attracted the Monster, pushing through the wall, creating a wound in space-time through which it could enter. The lead agent, along with the others, opened fire on the beast.


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