Keith is a recurring character in the second season and a minor character in the third season of Stranger Things. He was previously an employee at the The Palace Arcade, but now works at Family Video.

He is characterized by his easily identifiable double chin and constant munching on Cheetos.



Keith appeared before the boys to tell them that someone had broken their record in Dig Dug. The boys asked him who "MADMAX" was, but he refused to say it, unless Mike Wheeler got him a date with his sister Nancy.

When Lucas Sinclair needed to talk to Max Mayfield alone, Keith arranges the meeting, in exchange for Lucas getting him a date with Nancy.


At an unknown time, Keith began working at Family Video in Hawkins where he gave Steve (reluctantly) and Robin jobs three months after the Starcourt Mall burned down.


Keith is an acquaintance of the boys, who often exchange childish jabs with each other.

Keith isn't conventionally attractive but tries pushing his luck trying to get Mike Wheeler to set him up on a date with Nancy, even going to the lengths of helping Lucas trick Max into getting in a room with him to inform her on the events of the previous year.

Memorable Quotes

  • "You know I despise Dig Dug..."
  • "Acne isn't a rash, and it isn't contagious, you prepubescent wastoid..."
  • "You sure about that...?"
  • "Just keep it PG..."
  • (Dustin: "Who's MADMAX?") "Better than you."
  • "He's a douchebag of the highest order, Robin." - Keith to Robin about Steve.
  • "Three favorite movies. Go".


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