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This article is about the Siberian region. For the prison camp, see Kamchatka Facility;
for the comic miniseries, see Stranger Things: Kamchatka.

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a peninsula located in eastern Russia, across the Bering Strait from Alaska and on the Pacific Coast of Siberia. The region is prone to snowfall due to being part of the wider Russian Far East. The prison camp which housed Jim Hopper was located here, as well as the village of Kyrzran.



At some point, the former Russian war hero, Yuri Ismaylov, began smuggling American goods into the Soviet Union, becoming the infamous "Peanut Butter Smuggler". Yuri would fly from his base of operations in Nome, Alaska to his church-turned-warehouse in Kyrzran.


Meanwhile, several adolescent Demogorgons called Demodogs and a fragment of the Mind Flayer were transported from Hawkins, Indiana to a facility in Kamchatka. One Demodog was fed political prisoners while the others were cryogenically frozen. It soon became a full-fledged adult Demogorgon.

It was decided that the captured Jim Hopper was to be taken to Kamchatka and forced to work at the facility, which also doubled as a gulag.

Later that year, Soviet soldiers fed a prisoner to the adult Demogorgon, although they chose against feeding Hopper to the creature.


In March of 1986, prison guard Dmitri "Enzo" Antonov conspired with Yuri to break Hopper out of jail and get him back to the United States. However, the plan failed due to Yuri betraying Dmitri, Hopper, and Hopper's friends Joyce Byers and Murray Bauman. Hopper escaped the gulag, but was recaptured, and Dmitri became a prisoner as well. Eventually, Yuri, Joyce and Murray crashed into Kamchatka, where Murray overpowered Yuri. Hopper, Dmitri and the other prisoners soon faced the adult Demogorgon. Hopper managed to save himself and Dmitri by warding off the Demogorgon with fire. Then, Joyce, Murray and Yuri reunited with Hopper and Dmitri. Unwittingly, Joyce had let the Demogorgon loose in the gulag. They all successfully escaped the facility.

Gunfire shattered the tanks holding the Mind Flayer fragment and the frozen Demodogs, and the Demodogs were possessed by the Mind Flayer. Together, the adult Demogorgon and Demodogs slaughtered the entire facility. Hopper, Joyce and Murray once again returned to the facility to kill the Mind Flayer fragment. Upon learning what had happened from a dying Warden Melnikov, Murray burned the Demodogs and the adult Demgorgon, killing the Demodogs and weakening the Demogorgon. Finally, Hopper beheaded the adult Demogorgon with a sword, before Yuri and Dmitri arrived in Yuri's helicopter Katinka to rescue Hopper, Joyce and Murray. Hopper, Joyce, and presumably Murray reached the United States unscathed.