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A junkyard, mainly filled with abandoned and broken down vehicles, was present in Hawkins, Indiana.



Mike, Eleven, Dustin and Lucas first discovered the junkyard when they were searching for the Gate with their compasses. As Eleven directed the compasses away from the Gate to protect them, Lucas believed her actions to be sabotage. Mike tried to defend Eleven and a fight between him and Lucas ensued. To protect Mike, Eleven telepathically flung Lucas off and knocked him over to a bus. As he recovered, he stormed away from Mike and Dustin out of the junkyard. However, Mike and Dustin also noticed that Eleven had gone missing too.[1]

As Mike, Dustin and Eleven reunited, they had to escape back to the junkyard along with Lucas when the agents from Hawkins Lab were chasing them. At the junkyard, Lucas apologized to Eleven as she saved their lives and in turn, she too apologized for lying to them. Mike also apologized and they reconciled.

While they were discussing about Hawkins Lab, they noticed a helicopter overhead surveying the yard. The group then took refuge in an abandoned bus. When Nancy and Hopper began to contact them using Will's walkie-talkie, Mike, Dustin and Lucas debated over whether they should answer, fearing it could be a trap. Eventually, Mike answered their call and revealed their location. After the kids waited anxiously, they heard someone's arrival and scrambled to hide, only to find Hopper knocking the agents unconscious and taking them back.[2]


In order to set up a trap for Dart who has now grown to a Demodog, Dustin, after failing to contact his friends, met and showed Steve the old junkyard. The two then began laying a trail of meat chunks for Dart and were joined by Lucas and Max. After preparing the area, they waited for Dart to show up.[3]

At night, Dart arrived but didn't fall for the bait, which caused Steve to go out to confront it. However, as Steve approached Dart, Lucas noticed more Demodogs approaching and warned Steve that they were cornering him. Dustin urged Steve to abort the mission, who resorted to taking shelter in the bus with the four of them. However, the Demodogs began attacking the bus. Just before a Demodog lunged at Steve, it was surprisingly called away along with the other Demodogs toward Hawkins lab.