Jody Houser is a comic book writer known for her contributions to many comic projects including the Womanthology, Avengers: No More Bullying, Dead Roots, The Gathering, Spider-Man, Star Wars and Skin Crawling Comics. She is the writer of the first four-issue mini-series based on the adaptation of Stranger Things as well as the Stranger Things comic "The Game Master" which was included in a special Dark Horse one-shot issue released for Free Comic Book Day. She also wrote the mini-series Stranger Things: Six, centered upon a new character named Francine.

She is currently writing the miniseries Stranger Things: Into the Fire, which is a sequel to Six.


Early Life

Since she was eight years old, Jody Houser decided to become a writer. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College in Boston. From there, she also completed her master's thesis in screenwriting and was a winner of the Rod Parker Fellowship for Playwriting.


Houser began to experiment with webcomics since 2006. She was the creator behind the webcomic Cupcake POW! which launched in 2010 and is currently available on comiXology Submit.

Houser has previously written Faith for Valiant Comics, Max Ride: Ultimate Flight and Agent May for Marvel, and Orphan Black for IDW. She also contributed writing for numerous comic anthologies including Vertigo CMYK: Magenta, and both Womanthology series.

Stranger Things

On June 18, 2018, the President of Dark Horse Mike Richardson announced a multi-year partnership between Dark Horse and Netflix to publish a series of comics based on the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Following its announcement, it was revealed that the first mini-series consisting of four issues will be written by Jody Houser.[1] Houser stated she was "super excited" to work on the project since she was a fan of Stranger Things.

Before writing the comics, Houser had to acquaint herself with the role playing game D&D. In explaining the reason, she stated that D&D was a core part in the show's story which needed her understanding the rules and while she was familiar with the 2014 edition, the boys of the show played the 1981 edition.[2]



Stranger Things Volume 1

Stranger Things Volume 2

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